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Real Housewives Of Potomac Star Monique Samuels Calls Candiace Dillard “A Snake With A Wig On”

This season of Real Housewives of Potomac has a lot of drama, but viewers are waiting to see the tension between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard Bassett explode. Last season, a very pregnant Monique threatened to drag Candiace.

Unfortunately for Candiace, Monique supposedly kept her promise. On October 16, 2019 Candiace and Monique were at a dinner party with RHOP cast members. Monique allegedly grabbed Candiace by her hair, and yanked her down. And yes, Bravo’s cameras were rolling.

Candiace filed a complaint against Monique for second-degree assault. Not to be outdone by her former friend, Monique filed her own complaint against Candiace for second-degree assault.

One of Monique’s lawyers claimed that Candiace struck Monique in the face with a wine glass. Yikes! Candiace has a history of threatening her RHOP co-stars with tableware. Last season, Candiace angrily waved a butter knife at Ashley Darby.


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In December of 2019, the charges against Monique and Candiace were dismissed by the Office of the State’s Attorney for Montgomery County, Maryland. Both of them could have faced jail time if the cases had continued.

So, what caused the friction between these two Potomac Housewives? Earlier this season, Monique was angry that Candiace invited RHOP alum Charisse Jackson-Jordan to her anniversary party. Monique believes that Charisse was spreading rumors about her.


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While Monique declined to elaborate on the rumors during her confessional, Gizelle Bryant had no hesitation about exposing the rumors. The rumors were about Monique spending some quality time with her trainer in public, which caused problems in her marriage.

In fact, Candiace admitted that some of Monique’s RHOP co-stars were plotting to spread rumors that Monique’s husband, Chris Samuels, was not the father of her baby, Chase. Of course, Candiace said she had no part in plotting to spread such gossip. She would never!


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According to iRealHousewives, Monique had some choice words for Candiace. “She’s a snake with a wig on pretty much sums it up,” Monique stated. Boom! Mic drop.

“So some people like to present this, like, very manicured perception of themselves into the world, but you can’t keep up the act forever. So at some point, people are going to see exactly what you are and people are beginning to see it,” Monique said.


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(The grammar ahead is a bit rough.) The mother-of-three added, “Some people think that they were just stars out the whom [womb]. And, you know, the entitlement is what gets me, you know,” Monique continued. “So for me, it’s a privilege to be able to be on a platform like this and earn your way into the hearts and minds of the viewers. You don’t just walk in and just expect that you’re going to earn something that you haven’t worked hard for,” the singer stated.


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Monique believes that RHOP viewers can see that she is coming from a positive place, while Candiace is not. “And, you know, I believe in engaging with them in a positive way. I believe in having respect their opinions and all of those different things,” Monique said. “And some people don’t operate like that. And she’s definitely one of them.”


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