Danielle Staub Says Andy Cohen Used Her To Become Friends With Kelly Ripa

After giving the actual other cast members storylines for three years in a row without being full-time on Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub walked away. She waxed poetic about how it was truly the end, but no one really believed that, or at least I didn’t. I assumed she could be very easily swayed if they asked her to stir up drama for the right price.

However, since she recently went in on Andy Cohen, that is never going to happen. She called out his alleged partying habits, wondering how his parents and son feel about his supposed recreational activities. Now, she’s claiming he used her for a famous friend, his now-BFF Kelly Ripa.

On a recent episode of her podcast Absolutely Danielle, Danielle recounted, “Andy saw some photos. I had this hallway, a long hallway in my home in Wayne. It was just covered floor to ceiling… we called it ‘the walls of fame.'”

She went on to explain, “So, when they were filming, they were zooming in on certain photos while I was doing whatever I was doing downstairs and there was one that came through to Andy a couple of times over and he was like ‘Oh my god. You know Kelly Ripa. I love Kelly Ripa.’


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She recalled, “There’s pictures of my children at their birthday parties and Kelly and [her husband] Mark [Consuelos]  at our birthday parties and our kids went to school together.”

Danielle claimed, “Kelly and I were pretty close and they were over every weekend” and she would cook for everyone after weekly mass.

I would love to know what Kelly and Andy think about her claims. Anyway, Danielle continued, “We had such a good relationship and it was genuine. I was on All My Children in a minimal role. To not get off topic too far, Andy really surprised me when I suddenly found out he had become best friends with her.”


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Danielle added, “Now, we’re gonna fast forward on that. Four years later, I had no idea and I began to tune in to Watch What Happens Live just to see what people were trying to message me about Kelly and Mark and I was quite shocked that [no one said] ‘thank you for that introduction’ or how they met.”

The New Jersey OG remarked, “Andy can reach out to anybody now, but back then, it seemed that I knew a lot of people that he was interested in meeting and he didn’t make that a secret. He was really impressed with that because I’ve been in the business for a really long time.”


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Explaining her relationship with Andy, Danielle said, “I was kind of picked at for the pieces of me that he wanted and the pieces of me that he didn’t want, he would blow those ones up to cover up the ones that he had already taken. While I was busy trying to replenish and understand why he would approve certain things being said about me or why he would want to shrug his shoulders or roll his eyes and carry on as if I wasn’t even a person that was important to the franchise.”


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Danielle concluded, “He never dignified me, but I wasn’t seeing it. I was so desperate to, you know, get him to see me that I didn’t realize he saw me, really saw me, and he had taken what he wanted and he just wanted to hide behind that.”


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]