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Heather Thomson And Carole Radziwill Claim Former Co-Stars Used “Strong Drugs” On Real Housewives Of New York Cast Trip

Heather Thomson may have only been on three seasons of Real Housewives of New York City, but she definitely made her mark. Holla!! She was a staunch supporter of Sonja Morgans’ storyline toaster oven. She was not afraid of Ramona Singer. And she referred to everyone, including herself, as Mama.

Most recently Heather shared that she was not surprised that Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill’s friendship came to an end. Carole is still her close friend. The two of them just sat down to reminisce about their time on RHONY and talked about behind-the-scenes drama.

Heather’s new podcast, In my head with Heather Thomson, starts off with an interview with Carole. The conversation quickly turned to Luann de Lesseps because Carole remembered that Heather and Luann started the show on a good note. Heather replied, “I thought that was a real friendship” but, “nothing really I learned with Luann is genuine.” Then Heather said, “if I had lied for her and said a bunch of Italians showed up in my room, it wouldn’t have mattered.” From there the rest of the interview turns to talk about the pirate of St. Barths.

Heather shared some behind the scenes information. “I felt so alone,” she started. “We threw back quite a few tequila shots in those pirate costumes. Mama was passed out cold.” Yes mama was! Heather continued, “all of a sudden I hear a knock on the door and Luann’s deep voice and I get nervous.” I love that Luann’s voice in itself sparks nervousness.


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“I opened the door, like Luann hi, are you ok? And she’s like ‘yeah can I come in?’ and she comes in and then in comes the pirate!” Heather also said, “But then what was crazy was she brought me a joint. I’m like hey thanks I appreciate it, but I’m asleep. Thank you. And then other things happened.” Hmm?

Carole said, “they didn’t start making out or anything?” To which Heather replied, “no but stronger drugs came out. I remember saying to Luann like whoa I’m not into this. I’m asleep there’s cameras right outside.” Pretty interesting the cameras didn’t get any of this, right?


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Then the conversation naturally turned to Sonja and The Pirate. Carole reminds us that Heather on that trip was like “a detective, you found Sonja with the pirate the next day.” What a trip! Heather replied, “I opened the door and there was Sonja and the pirate in the room in a very precarious situation.” Not like that’s new.

Heather continued, “she jumped off the bed like super girl and flew across the room,” and “she closed that door!” But, Heather remembers, “Everyone knew. Sonja was in there, the pirate was in there, and they had some party favors in there and you know I saw more than I wanted to.”


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So, we didn’t get to see was what Sonja and Luann did behind closed doors with this pirate. Or  any of the “party favors.” Where are Bravo cameras during these moments?


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