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Teddi Mellencamp Says She “Will Never Act Like Camille Grammer” Following Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Firing

It’s lights out for Teddi Mellencamp! But the gloves are still coming off in the wake of her firing from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s true, fans have rejoiced when they heard the news.

But despite Teddi being known for being a complete snooze, it looks like she’s perked up since she got the axe. Where was that Teddi on the show?

Teddi recently had some choice words for another ex-housewife, Us Weekly is reporting. On a recent episode of her podcast, “Teddi Tea Pod”, Teddi doesn’t even hide her shade. She started, “I don’t want to be the ex-Housewife that is tweeting on the show years after I have been on the show about other people’s problems. I never want to be that person. I never want to be the person shading somebody years after … Camille Grammer makes it her sole mission in life to try and put me down on Twitter.”

Well, for starters, could you have picked a worse name for your podcast? It’s the literal worst. But aside from that, congrats, you just did exactly what you’re accusing Camille of doing. Just because you’re fresh off being canned, doesn’t mean you’re any better than her. Moving along.


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Teddi continued by saying her “biggest goal” was to not act like Camille. Would this newfound hate for Camille have anything to do with Camille calling out Teddi for her All In program controversy? Even bestie Kyle Richards rushing to Teddi’s defense couldn’t put that fire out.

It all started when a fan tweeted Bravo Daddy Andy Cohen, “Your girl Teddi is getting exposed on Instagram for her scam starvation company. Having women starve themselves by eating 500 calories a day is unethical. If she needs a storyline next season, holding her accountable for this is a good option. #RHOBH.”


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Camille added her two cents and tweeted, “It’s suspect.”

Kyle wasted no time jumping to Teddi’s defense and tweeted back at Camille. “Camille, you really need to move on and get a life. Teddi has helped so many people and changed their lives. What are you doing everyday? Tweeting about RHOBH? You befriend whoever you think will get you a [diamond]. Talk about a mean girl.” Said the woman who spent season after season trying to get her friend fired from the show….


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Finally, Teddi then dished on what it was like to be fired, “It really does feel like a breakup.” We could use the old break up adage “it’s not you, it’s me” but do we really believe that when it comes to Teddi? Nope. Teddi, it was all you.


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