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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Says It’s Hard For Camille Grammer To Grasp Having A True Friendship Instead of Ones Based On A TV Show

First rule of #puppygate is: you do not lie about #puppygate. Too little too late for Teddi MelLIEScamp Arroyave! The accountability coach had some trouble being accountable on the most recent season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As Dorit Kemsley became the poster child for how not to adopt a dog, a series of events unfolded which resulted in the loss of Lisa Vanderpump. The cast seemed almost determined to make #puppygate a thing, though viewers were left bewildered. How is the person who ALLEGEDLY drops a puppy at a kill shelter the victim? Who leaked the story to the media? Most of all, why isn’t anyone mad at Dorit for dumping a dog?

As #puppygate wore on our nerves, one thing remained clear. The RHOBH ladies were intent on finding fault at the hands of LVP. As Lisa filmed two shows, managed restaurants, maintained animal rescuing duties, and grieved the loss of her brother, she also had time to “bring down Dorit“. Amid a flutter of “proof” and damning evidence, Teddi was one of the first to throw a dagger at Lisa. With a typical 2nd season buzz of confidence, Teddster took it upon herself play a part in the #puppygate plan. In one memorable moment, Teddi even claimed she had never ever told a lie. The good news is, Teddi no longer has to take the heat for that comment. The bad news is, she was stone cold busted.

In her Bravo blog, Teddi wrote, “I know I wasn’t forthcoming about the exact details of doggygate. I am not proud of my initial instinct to give a convenient – and not completely honest – account of events. I didn’t live up to my own standards through my actions, and that’s what’s most difficult of all. I felt much better apologizing and owning up to my shortcomings.”

Teddi continued, “All of the women forgave me, because I was willing to have the difficult conversations about the matter and to acknowledge what I had done wrong. And they all recognize the whole truth about who had their hands where.” First of all, it’s #PUPPYGATE! After all the viewers have endured, can Teddi at least get the name of the scandal correct? Too bad about those PERNICIOUS texts, huh?

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Then, Teddi appeared to show remorse for her deceitful actions role, “I thought that’s how this all worked. It’s not like I’m the first (or last) Housewife to not be completely honest about a situation. I have learned my lesson. And I’m fine that it all came out. I learned about myself as a person and whom I want to be moving forward. I guess I should say I take accountability since that word follows me around closer than Cruz when I just want to use the restroom.”

Has another victim joined the party? Question: is it okay to lie because other people have lied? Also, Teddi can’t really blame anyone but herself for the “accountability” word. It’s not like we asked about her fake job career.

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Teddi continued, “Another lesson I’ve learned – never accuse someone of “full amnesia.” You never know when that little bug is gonna hit you. Phew, I’ve got a textbook’s worth of lessons. I should write a book for future Housewives.” But did she learn how to delete texts?

Regarding her close relationship with new queen Kyle Richards, she says, “I don’t need to defend my relationship with Kyle. I can see how having a true friendship rather than ones based on a TV show is hard for Camille [Grammer] to grasp.” She might want to talk to Kyle’s sisters about how genuine she is. Teddi aligned herself with someone even Michael Meyers didn’t find interesting enough to chase.

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Then Teddi goes in on Camille. “I find it rich that Camille wants to call us all out for things when she herself has said she only acted the way she acted this season because she knew she needed to ‘bring it.’ So basically, she’s all an act. But she calls Dorit the phony one? Okay. I could type up the multiple times Camille was ‘phony’ this season here but I don’t want to develop carpal tunnel.”

Teddi is trying to be clever! Let’s break this down. Camille wasn’t hiding financial issues. Camille did not dump a dog. Did Teddi miss the entire first season of RHOBH? Camille gave us, “the morally corrupt Faye Resnick“! Teddi should watch how she comes for Cammy, because Cammy don’t play.

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Now that Teddi has taken accountability for lying, does this mean she is officially unaccountable? Will she have to change her job title to Kind Of Accountability Coach? Maybe we’ll find out when the reunion wraps up next week, but don’t hold me accountable to that.


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