Erika Jayne Belittles Bravo Fan Account After Stealing Meme And Refusing To Give Credit

Sure, Erika Jayne had some songs on the dance charts before she joined Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but no one can argue that the show didn’t put her career at an entirely new level. Her songs get more play. She’s been able to tour the country. She had a starring role in Chicago on Broadway. She’s endorsed makeup products and shoes on Instagram. Erika has even walked in the Fenty Fashion Show.

Sure, she can attribute a lot of that to hustle and talent, but let’s give credit where it’s due. She also needs to thank the fans that support her. That’s apparently a lesson that she has yet to learn.

Let’s get to the background info first. On last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Potomac, Robyn Dixon wore the same pink dress that Erika and Lisa Rinna wore last season. Fans were living for the triplet moment on social media.

The Instagram account Brands by Bravo even made a meme comparing them to the Pink Ladies from Grease. The person who runs the account was super excited when Erika posted the meme to her page. However, Erika didn’t give Brands by Bravo any credit.


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Brands by Bravo politely commented, “Hey. That’s my photo! Can you credit me Please?” That’s when Erika snapped, “Actually it’s not your photo. It’s Bravo and Paramount photo but ok. Cute meme though.” Nowhere in there did Erika say “thank you.”

In response, the meme maker explained, “I know that but the meme and the caption were my idea. I’m a huge fan go yours and nearly passed out when I saw you posted my meme. I just wanted credit for it. And in my post, I credited Bravo for the photo. Thanks!” Again, this person was polite, threw in the word “thanks,” and explained her perspective.


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Erika growled, “The way to get more ‘credit’ for your ‘ideas’ is to come up with your own and stop leaving comments on my page about how you feel wronged. These images do not belong to you. Now go make some interesting sh*t that I can promote.” BUT SHE MADE THE MEME, Erika. She made the meme.

Erika also clarified that Kyle Richards took the original photo of her and Lisa and she gave Kyle a photo credit. However, she refuses to give credit to the person who spent time making a meme that she thought was funny enough to share.


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Brands by Bravo commented, “This guide is now as exciting as this past season of RHOBH.” That could be viewed as both shade and a compliment, depending on how you felt about the most recent season.

Erika wasn’t done insulting someone who was admittedly a big fan of hers. Erika told the meme maker, “Be happy people will now check out your page. Isn’t that what you wanted? Credit? Well here it is.” How rude.


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Brands By Bravo pointed out “Tis the point of giving credit.” Duh. Talk about not supporting other women. Erika really needs an attitude check.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]