Erika Jayne & Lisa Rinna

Erika Jayne And Lisa Rinna Hint They Are Back Filming Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Speculation continues to surround the Real Housewives of Glendale Beverly Hills. To be clear, this franchise has been suffering. A virulent strain of plague struck some of the ladies. The World Health Organization has labeled it, Myhusbandhascommittedfrauditis. Sadly, the recovery time is rather slow. The infection manifests itself in creating diversions in an attempt to hide what’s really happening with your wallet.

As a result, the cast has had some shake ups. Who is coming in? Are any more going out? Will Kyle Richards keep her bangs? It looks like some of our questions have finally been answered. There is new blood coming in, but it appears no one else is leaving. We have no official word that anyone else was #firedbybravo and according to Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne, they are ready to get back in the game.

This will not be great news to some of you. Lisa didn’t gain many fans last season. She had zero storyline, but went full Melrose Place on Denise Richards after Brandi Glanville claimed they had an affair. Fans were also searching for Erika’s storyline. She had a shot at some great filming opportunities, but the Rona cancelled Broadway and left Erika with little to contribute.

For that matter, what the hell was Kyle’s storyline, crying at multiple tables? The show said good-bye to Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. Dorit Kemsley (along with the rest of the world) has been lowkey celebrating ever since the news broke.


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Viewers wondered if perhaps Rinna or Erika would be shown the door. Are they getting stale? Do people even like them? The streets were saying that Erika was demoted to everyone’s nightmare, the “friend of” role. We do know Kathy Hilton will show up occasionally, which may or may not trigger Kyle’s anxiety issues. Crystal Kung Minkoff is coming on board fulltime and  Sutton Stracke is also expected to return. Many fans are hoping Patricia, the whore from Muskoka will show up at some point.

As for Erika and Lisa, it looks like they are coming back. Or at least that’s what they want us to think. Rinna tweeted an old photo of herself and Erika by a fancy little Peugeot and wrote, “Here we go…..Thelma.” It’s safe to assume this is insinuating that filming is about to begin. Erika retweeted the same photo with the caption, “We’re back at it.”


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Aw, Thelma and Louise – what a pair! Does this mean Kyle is going to try and team up with Garcelle Beauvais? Good luck with that one. Will Kyle look at Dorit as an ally or someone who wants to steal her glam? Will Crystal be okay or will she be hypnotized by Kyle’s caftans and rogue bottles of Fireball?

While it might not be the answer most viewers were hoping for, it appears to be what we’re working with. Lisa and Erika will once again be around to ride off into the sunset. Or if they are in the spirit of Thelma and Louise, maybe it’s just ride off a cliff.


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