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It’s time to escape with The Real Housewives of Potomac and head to Portugal! It’s about time we get out of that city this season, and take a break from the drama. The saga between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard Bassett has become too much. It’s all we ever hear about, and it’s time to let the mouse go. It was a little surprising to see Monique press charges against because she was the violent one herself.

Hopefully this trip will not end the same way for Ashley Darby that the last one did. Michael Darby has a hard time staying on his best behavior. No matter how hard Ashley tries to save the marriage, Michael always does something to screw it up. He is the king at getting into messy situations. The stakes are so much higher now because of the baby, but he still can’t be bothered to care. Let’s hope he keeps it in his pants this time!

Karen Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

Who is ready for an escape to Portugal? This group really needs a vacation after the Monique and Candiace drama. The aftermath of that fight has proven to be so exhausting. Let’s move on now.

Wendy Osefo and Robyn Dixon cannot comprehend how Monique filed charges against Candiace. Same ladies. It makes no sense. The nerve of that woman to go there. She knows exactly who the one in the most wrong was that night. YOU took it to a physical level. That will ALWAYS trump anything.

Karen Huger meets with Monique, and you just know she’s going to confront her about telling Candiace to press charges. She should honestly just be grateful that someone in the group is speaking to her. Nobody else wants to be around her.

I’m finding it difficult to feel sorry for Monique not being included on the group trip. This is the direct result of your actions. Doesn’t feel so great does it?


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Monique asks Karen about encouraging Candiace to press charges, and Karen weasels her way out of it. STOP PLAYING BOTH SIDES. Eventually there won’t be two sides to play. I think Candiace is beyond fed up with La Dame at this point.

Is anyone else shocked that Michael is somewhat taking care of his son while Ashley’s gone? I didn’t think he had it in him. He’s like the worst parent ever, and he’s super jealous of the baby. Fragile masculinity at its finest. Hopefully he doesn’t “fall asleep” next to a strange woman this time.

Ashley didn’t give Monique a heads up that she wasn’t invited on the group trip. Well THAT is a little bit shady. However, Ashley was willing to stand up for her and give a written statement against Candiace to the court. Somehow the knife incident from last season has a bearing on Monique’s case. How so? Ashley didn’t viciously attack Candiace in response? These things are not the same.

These two have a habit of protecting each other though. Monique had Ashley’s back last season when Michael was in the middle of yet another scandal. Also, Monique kept her mouth shut about Ashley and Michael’s freaky-deaky marriage. So basically, they lie for each other. That’s what I gathered from that.


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Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

At dinner in Portugal, Wendy brings up the topic of degrees again. I can’t with her. I don’t have time for more elitist comments by this woman. No way.

Wendy surprises everyone by revealing to the group that she is named after Wendy’s the fast food chain. I wonder if that’s even real or if she’s just trying to be relatable. There’s something so disingenuous about her. I’m not sold on her whatsoever.

Gizelle Bryant turns the subject to Ashley and Michael to get some information about their status. Everyone is aghast to learn they are 100% back in. Why does Gizelle always look for something to come at someone about? It’s like she preys upon their weaknesses and gets off on it. It’s not a cute look.

It sucks that Ashley feels the need to take the brunt of the responsibility. Girl, do you know who your husband is? He’s at the center for a scandal every five minutes. Just wait, and I’m sure he will be back in some sort of gross hot water. Michael cannot help himself.


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Everyone starts to question Gizelle about why they never see Jamal Bryant. I think it’s fair for them to ask. Gizelle is at the table prying into everyone’s personal lives. Now it’s time to put yourself in the center. He’s NEVER around the group. None of her men ever are. It’s a little weird. They also never work out, so maybe that’s why. Is she embarrassed to be back in bed with her cheating ex?

Robyn Dixon Real Housewives Of Potomac

Even Robyn is calling out her bestie for a lack of presence by Jamal. That’s when you know it’s real. This doesn’t sit well with Gizelle because she feels like Robyn doesn’t have her back. I’m proud of Robyn for speaking her truth and calling it out. I hate that she normally feels like Gizelle’s little puppet sidekick. Enough is enough of THAT. Robyn is a lot more likable this season too, and this type of moment is why.

Once again, Michael is nowhere to be found and not around to take care of his son. This guy is seriously such a loser. I cannot believe she’s having a second child with this dumpster fire of a man. Michael is utterly useless. Ashley is half a world away in tears because her husband cannot do his basic duty as a father. SO PATHETIC.

Gizelle barges into Robyn’s room upset about the Karen conversation and how Robyn didn’t have her back. I NEED A FEUD BETWEEN THIS TWO WOMEN! I also love the way Gizelle totally backs down whenever Robyn confronts her.


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There’s something there that we don’t see. These two have the potential for a monumental feud next season. Give us what we want because I would pay to watch that. Cash money coins would gladly come from me to Bravo for that to happen.

Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

I’m glad Candiace isn’t letting the drama with Monique ruin her trip. This is her change to unwind and get all of that out of her head. It’s been so heavy for far too long on the show lately. We need a change in morale..

One day this feud between Karen and Gizelle is going to boil over like never before. There is such animosity brewing right beneath the surface. If they ever fully unleash, they’ll never be able to come back. It’ll be past the point of no return.

You can tell how much Michael has hurt Ashley because him being late shouldn’t trigger this downward spiral. Karen sees it. We all see it. Ashley is the only one that doesn’t realize how toxic this man is. What more needs to happen for she has a ding dong hello moment and leaves his sorry ass? Every single season we write about how shady Michael is. My soul is tired.


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Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

Following his recent hotel scandal, that really should have been it. Ashley wants to make it work because of her baby, but enough is enough. Obviously he’s never going to change.

Karen is seriously so much funnier than anyone else. At least we have some humor to balance all of the dark drama. Even though Gizelle is positioned as the Queen of the show, Karen is the real MVP.

If I hear Wendy bring up her degrees one more time, I’m going to lose it. It makes me scream because WE GET IT. EVERYONE GETS IT. Please get a new line or get off this show.

Praise Wendy for earning her career, but enough is enough. Please do everyone a favor, and STOP BRINGING THIS UP. I’m actually begging at this point.


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Karen and Gizelle enter into a shouting match at the end of the episode, and it’s another “to be continued” moment. Real Housewives of Potomac loves this cliffhanger type of moment. I WILL BE WAITING!


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