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Real Housewives Of Potomac Star Monique Samuels Says That Candiace Dillard Taking Legal Action Against Her Was “Childish”

Season 5 of Real Housewives of Potomac was all about the build-up to the altercation between co-stars Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard. The rest of the season will be about the consequences of the fight, and how it affects the ladies.

At a RHOP cast event, Candiace challenged Monique to drag her, and Monique did just that. Monqiue pulled Candiace’s hair and yanked her down across a table. And, of course, Bravo cameras were rolling. It was awful to watch, and there is no excuse for violence.

After the October 16, 2019 incident, Candiace took some time before she made her move. In November, Monique was charged with second-degree assault.

Not to be outdone, Monique slapped Candiace with charges for second-degree assault. Deja vu, anyone? Monique alleged that Candiace struck her in the face with a wine glass, and that Monique was defending herself. Luckily for Candiace and Monique, both of the charges were dismissed in December of 2019.


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So, what caused the friction between Monique and Candiace? There was a rumor circulating that Monique’s husband, Chris Samuels, wasn’t the father of Monique’s son, Chase. Candiace denied being involved in spreading this vile rumor.

After the fight, Karen Huger invited all the Potomac ladies over (except for Candiace) so that Monique could speak with them. If RHOP viewers were expecting an apologetic Monique, they were disappointed. Monique showed no remorse at the meeting. She tried to say that she acted in self-defense, but Robyn Dixon called her on it. Monique later sought counseling from her pastor, and afterwards came to the realization that Candiace did not deserve to be the object of Monique’s fists of fury.


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Monique never apologized to Candiace because her attorney advised her not to contact Candiace. Monique received notice from an attorney’s office saying that they represented Candiace. “We asked several times for a mediation sit down and she and her attorney REFUSED. She didn’t want to hear an apology! She wanted money,” Monique tweeted.

During an interview on the Real Housewives of Potomac After Show, Monique shared her feelings about Candiace taking legal action. “The childishness of it all,” Monique stated. “To take something legally that you know you played a part in, and then try to sue me …possibly. And then want to see me in jail. I was just like…wow.”


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On the most recent episode of RHOP, we saw Candiace’s reaction to learning that she had been charged with assault. She was furious.

The rest of the Potomac Housewives have already taken sides. Gizelle Bryant sided with Candiace, and both refused to film with Monique. Maybe Gizelle’s bodyguard had other plans and isn’t available to protect her?


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Robyn and Wendy Osefo are also Team Candiace. Ashley Darby is backing up Monique, and Karen is trying to pretend that she is Switzerland during this situation. How is that working out, Karen? In the end, Ashley didn’t invite Monique to Portugal with the rest of her RHOP co-stars.

Monique has alleged that her fellow Potomac Housewives have been trying to get her ousted from the show. It looks like Monique may have actually done it to herself. Monique is now in the predicament of having almost no one to film with, and if she can’t attend cast events, it doesn’t make sense to keep her on RHOP.


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