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Robyn Dixon Reveals Which Real Housewives Of Potomac Alum She Would Like To Return

I am really enjoying Robyn Dixon this season on Real Housewives of Potomac. In previous seasons, Robyn’s storylines have been rather dull. During Season 4 of RHOP, Robyn bored wowed us with how she flipped a house.

This season, Robyn is dealing with financial issues once again. She owes the IRS $90 thousand dollars in back taxes. I give Robyn credit for being honest about the situation and trying to remedy the debt. But how do you allegedly forget to pay your taxes?

In the most recent episode of RHOP, viewers saw Gizelle Bryant helping Robyn’s ex-husband/ current boyfriend Juan Dixon pick out an engagement ring for Robyn. Juan even asked Robyn’s parents for their blessing to re-marry their daughter. That was so sweet!

In a Halloween-themed interview with toofab, Robyn dished on the ghosts of past Potomac Housewives. The interviewer asked Robyn that if she was at a séance, which former RHOP co-star would she bring back to talk to?


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“Charrisse. Yeah. Charrisse [Jackson-Jordan] is my girl,” Robyn said in the video clip. “Okay, there’s not that many former Potomac Housewives. Alright we’re talking… what…Charrisse and Katie [Rost], is that it?”

Even if Robyn could entice Charrisse to leave her custom-built champagne room, Monique Samuels wouldn’t be pleased. When Candiace Dillard invited Charrisse to her anniversary party, Monique saw red. According to Gizelle (and the streets) Charrisse was spreading rumors about the amount of time that Monique was spending with her personal trainer. Since the anniversary party, we haven’t seen much of Charisse.


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But Robyn wasn’t done discussing the RHOP alums. “But Katie actually is…is quite funny, so I wouldn’t mind having her back, too,” Robyn added. This is surprising because Katie doesn’t seem to feel the same about Robyn.

Last season, Robyn planned a girls’ get-away to the Cayman Islands, but things didn’t go smoothly. Robyn, the hostess, was so late that she missed her flight. Who does that?


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During the trip, Katie was acting strangely, and she explained that she wasn’t feeling well. The Potomac Housewives panicked the next morning when they couldn’t locate Katie.

Production finally revealed that she was at the airport. Katie was leaving without saying goodbye or telling them she was headed home. In a RHOP confessional, Robyn joked around about not inviting Katie on any more trips.


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Katie clapped back on Instagram. “On the trip to the Cayman, I was sick, I was there a day and a night before the ‘host’ Robyn arrived,” Katie wrote. “I don’t know what host means cause Robyn couldn’t host a five person dinner with her always declined Amex, so trust and believe I’m not sweating her deciding to not invite me on any more trips that she: a) can’t afford and b) get to on time…lord where was I…”

Katie continued, “I left Grand Cayman after notifying production and the front desk that I was sick. I got home and found out I was pregnant. I told Robyn, Gizelle and all of production…two days before Karen‘s [Huger’s] La Dame party,” Katie stated. “I told Ashley [Darby] the night of.” She revealed, “I lost the baby a few months later.” That is terribly sad that Katie miscarried.


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As for Robyn, I think she should stick with Charrisse.


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