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Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: High Stakes And Wig Disappointment

How crazy is it that this season of The Real Housewives of Potomac is almost over? WHAT A SEASON IT HAS BEEN. Whew. I don’t think I’ve ever fully recovered from that blowout altercation between Candiace Dillard Bassett & Monique Samuels. It’s so toxic, and honestly sucked all of the energy out of me. Although, nothing reinvigorates me with life more than Karen Huger launching a new business. Bless Karen and all of her wigs.

Karen has been stuck between Candiace and Monique for weeks now. No matter what she says or does, someone doesn’t like it. Candiace doesn’t fully trust her anymore. This wig event is set to be a crucial moment in their friendship. Karen alleges that Monique is NOT on the guest list. The majority of the group was more than pleased with that revelation. However, if Karen does decide to include Mo, prepare for all hell to break loose.

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: High Stakes & Wig Disappointment

Karen’s “wig doctor” drops off the prototypes for her new wig line, and they’re certainly something! Obviously, he is worth all of the money she pays him because her looks have stepped up since he took over. She definitely needed it. Those early season wigs are something from another planet that need to be burned. Incinerated. Forever. Ashes.

Her idea is to invite all of the other women to share in this moment with them. However, none of the women have even heard of the line until now. She wants everyone to drop everything and support her, but she doesn’t include them in the process?

Ashley Darby meets up with Monique, and naturally she has baby Dean in tow. Can that poor child’s father ever actually take care of him? Does he ever interact with his son unless he’s forced? These are real questions I want some answers to.


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There are still issues between Ashley’s family and Michael Darby, but things are better overall. That’s good because they need all of the positive vibes they can get. Their marriage is constantly rocked with scandal. Every season is something else. That HAS to get tiring.

Monique reveals to Ashley that Karen has been begging her all weekend to come to the wig launch. Of course Monique is shocked to learn by Ashley that she was told Monique wasn’t invited. Why lie? That’s shady as f**k.

Ashley doesn’t play games, so she calls Karen up from the table with Monique present. Karen is going to be forced to admit lying to someone. She clearly deceived the women at the table in Portugal. What is her end game by doing that? Is she trying to force another altercation between Monique and Candiace? SO SKETCHY.


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Karen totally denies ever saying in Portugal that Monique wasn’t invited. Monique is probably in on the set up. That wouldn’t surprise me at all. We all saw the footage. We know that Karen is lying. If she likes looking stupid on the show for blatantly lying then all the more power to her.

Robyn Dixon & Juan Dixon look at homes, but he better halt himself. She made it very clear that she won’t move into a bigger house unless they get married. I suspect the proposal is coming soon. I’d be nervous about that if I was him though. The IRS is still lurking waiting for Robyn to screw up again.

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

It’s Gizelle Bryant’s daughter Grace’s birthday, and once again there’s no Jamal Bryant. Is this relationship even real? Admit the man only lives in your phone, so we can all move on. Her kids probably know it’s fake, and that’s why they hate it so much.


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The way her daughters are against this relationship should speak volumes about the situation. They know exactly who and what their father is. They don’t want any part of this. Their father cheated on their mother multiple times, and got how many women pregnant? That should be a FULL STOP. G needs a storyline though, so oh well I guess.

Karen’s attempt to add some spice and romance back into her marriage is so cringe. Ray Huger can’t ever be bothered to show some love toward his wife. Who is to say this isn’t just another effort that will fall flat? He doesn’t deserve her.

Something else that isn’t deserved is me having to see Karen in the tub calling for him. Never again. Please don’t do that to me. Also Ray is showing no passion really toward her, and Karen’s talk of unplugging holes is just TOO MUCH.


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Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

Wendy Osefo has about a zero percent chance of her mom taking this career change news well. Clearly her mother is all about status. Buttering her up with a first time hayride isn’t going to change that. She’s going to be on the attack over this. This will mess up her standing within her community. The elitist can’t have that. Nope.

She tries to tell her mother, but her mom laughs it off. She doesn’t want to hear anything her daughter is saying. Wendy wants to blossom and share her new goals, but all her mom cares about is status. Wendy likes the praise she gets from having a professor as a daughter. I think I understand Wendy a little more now. She has no choice but to act the way she does sometime with a mother like that.

Wendy’s mom calls her a spoiled brat for having this type of attitude. Are you kidding me? Wendy has busted her ass to get those annoying degrees she never shuts up about. Doing global political commentary is also something you can be proud of. She’s out there trying to create change. Respect her.


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After all of that her mom finally comes around and expresses pride for Wendy. FINALLY. I thought she was about to disown her daughter right there on camera. I wasn’t ready!

SHOCKER Jamal isn’t around for their family photo shoot. He is making a major play for worst Potomac father. He’s NEVER around. He is constantly letting down Gizelle and the girls. F***king useless. That’s honestly all I have to say about that deadbeat.

Ashley Darby Real Housewives Of Potomac

It’s time for Michael to face the music and be confronted by Ashley’s family about his cheating. He’s always doing wrong, so they must have these conversations often. That has to get sickening after a while.


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Ashley’s mom says it was hard for her to see Ashley have to go for this. She felt like the entire family was cheating on. The man is forever making Ashley look like a fool. Honey, the coin is not worth it. Run for the hills and find someone who deserves you.

I cannot believe they’re having another baby. That blows my entire mind. He’s creepy as hell, and he doesn’t give a damn about Ashley or that baby.

Monique Samuels Real Housewives Of Potomac

Monique is the first to arrive at Karen’s wig launch. I guess she has to be quickly smuggled in and out like some taboo contraband.

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I wonder how Monique is going to feel when she sees that Karen clearly told everyone she wasn’t invited. Karen is being the worst possible friend right now. She’s playing all sides, but she’s being so shady the way she’s doing it. She’s rushing Monique out of the event as quickly as possible. I bet Karen doesn’t want anyone to ever know Mo was there.

Nothing about this wig launch feels like it’s actually for Karen. It’s hard to support someone who has businesses shrouded in so much ambiguity. BUT DO YOU GIRL.

Gizelle is smart and chooses not to attend the event. The women are all questioning the validity of this company. It looks like Karen is simply the face of the brand. Nothing more.

Candiace Dillard Bassett Real Housewives Of Potomac

Ashley confronts Karen about faking her ulcer in Portugal which is totally going to lead to the revelation Monique was invited. OOF. I cannot wait for that.


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During that conversation Karen admits she felt like she was being set up to drink. Robyn asks if it’s because of what she says when she’s drunk, and Karen asks her the same about Juan. What is that supposed to mean? SO WEIRD.

Once Karen walks away, Ashley spills the beans about Monique being present prior that evening. Karen is beside herself over this. She literally leaves her own party. The entire thing was a failed setup. Did Karen want Candiace there earlier to blindside her with Monique?

Ashley tells everyone that Karen was probably setting up Monique as well. There is some shady stuff happening here for no reason. Knife inserted. SHE IS NOT HER FRIEND. Period.


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