Shep Rose Explains Why He’s Frustrated With Austen Kroll And Madison LeCroy’s Relationship

SOUTHERN CHARM -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: Shepard Rose -- (Photo by: Bravo)

The relationships of Southern Charm are all pretty depressing. Not to mention archaic. The love triangle between John PringleAusten Kroll and Madison LeCroy is a good example of both. Who can forget Austen getting caught in a threesome off season. Yet Madison stayed. Now John is trying to win her affection simply by….being rich? I’m not even sure what exactly this guy is offering. Yet everyone seems convinced he’s deserving of Madison’s affection.

I love watching two borderline unemployed men fight for the attention of a woman who owns her own business while raising a child and co-parenting. Not. Why did Madison stay with this jabroni?!?

Shep Rose has always been vocal about his dislike of Madison and Austen’s relationship. Recently, he told Entertainment Tonight that Austen and Madison want no one in their business, yet make their relationship everyone’s business. He said, “We’re all sort of sick of the whole, what are you guys? What the hell? Can you define yourselves? Can you define your relationship?” It’s painful to agree with Shep. 

He added, “It takes two to tango. So, yeah, she might have him wrapped around his finger, but he’s the idiot that’s wrapped around the finger, and he allows himself to be whatever it is that he is to her.” No surprise here that Shep confuses commitment(?) for manipulation. He also hinted that things will only get more complicated from here. ‘


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Shep teased that some information will come forward that he felt obligated to share, but that Austen didn’t want to hear. He asked, “Here’s the dilemma: If you hear something about our friend who’s in a relationship, whether it be him, her, anybody, do you tell them or do you keep your mouth shut?” 

He continued, “I think a real friend tells, but Austen doesn’t even know if he wants to be told. It might just be rumor, right? But if people are talking about it, what do you say? What do you do? How good of friends are you? Do you want to get involved? And I don’t want to get involved, but then my friendship overrides that sometimes, you know?”


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Shep also broke the fourth wall adding, “In a reality show you can’t — there’s no points for keeping something secret. The truth shall set you free. I’m just a big fan of truth.” It’s honestly such a basic Housewife move that this retired frat boy is trying to use. Claiming that the cameras mean you should be even MORE disclosing of your personal life. This logic is usually used to throw an unsuspecting “friend” under a bus. Absolutely classic. 

He even called Madison and Austen “dangerous” and “fascinating” and adds that they don’t own up to their faults. Uh. Okay then. I’m pretty sure the last time Austen came close to dangerous was at some kind of Black Friday polo sale. Either way, does anyone care about this story line?


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