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Madison LeCroy

This season, Southern Charm gave viewers lessons on how to handle situations poorly. The show was a hotbed of controversy with people who don’t know how to conduct themselves in polite society. Thank goodness Shep Rose wrote a book to provide guidelines we should all be following to achieve success. And if you believe that, Pat Altschul has a lovely Ravenel bridge she would like to sell you. Fans went on a whirlwind journey dealing with a multitude of sensitive topics.

At least we were finally introduced to new faces. Successful business owner Leva Bonaparte. Potato chip guy John Pringle and his beard. And Madison LeCroy – hairstylist, Austen Kroll handler, and mom of one came on board full time. ‘Ol Mads has been in the media a lot lately, perhaps you have read about her entanglement with several men of an athletic nature. You might be under the impression Madison thinks very highly of herself, and that might actually be true – but it took some nips and tucks to get there.

Kathryn Dennis Southern Charm

The Southern Charm reunion came in so hot on last week’s episode. Craig Conover was gunning for Madison LeCroy from the moment they stepped onto the stage. He came to the reunion with his sights set on wrecking her entire existence. The accusation that she slept with a former MLB player stunned the world. It’s been the hottest gossip since Craig dropped that bomb into everyone’s lap.

When the first part concluded, Kathryn Dennis was back to her old self and ready to spar with Leva Bonaparte. After a season that felt like a never ending crusade against her, Kathryn’s looking for a fight. She believes Leva has twisted her narrative and slandered her name, and she’s out for vengeance. Leva may have bitten off more than she can chew by messing with Kathryn. She’s been a wildcard since Day 1, and Leva’s about to find out why firsthand.

Madison LeCroy Craig Conover Southern Charm

After a jaw dropping season finale, the Southern Charm cast are ready to do battle again at the reunion. In an end of season cliffhanger, Kathryn Dennis was shown taking a pregnancy test. What a shocker! Nobody has a clue this was a possibility prior to the airing of this. Hopefully we get some clarity regarding this during part one of the reunion. Also, what will Kathryn have to say to Leva Bonaparte after a season of being on the receiving end of her crusade?

In addition to all of that, Charleston’s most dysfunctional couple looks to be fighting once again. The never-ending saga of Austen Kroll & Madison LeCroy rubbed many in the group the wrong way. All season, every group event turns to chaos because of these two and their toxic relationship. From the looks of things, Craig Conover in particular has had enough. He’s ready to drag Madison from here to the ends of the Earth.

Kathryn Dennis Southern Charm

This season of Southern Charm is finally coming to an end, and there’s so much left to be discussed. Leva Bonaparte’s crusade to cancel Kathryn Dennis is in full swing, and it’s gaining steam. As of now, Kathryn’s already on the outs with both Danni Baird and Madison LeCroy. Plus after last week’s episode, Craig Conover might be ready to turn his back on her as well. It’s all coming to a head, and we will see how well Kathryn stands her ground.

Shep Rose & John Pringle may have had the best intention when planning this party, but it’s going downhill fast. Everyone has something to get off their chest, and all roads of course lead back to Madison & Austen Kroll. No matter what else happens, these two manage to make it out themselves. Madison’s attempts to draw the attention of Austen have been ignored thus far, but will that last? In this group, peace doesn’t stick around too long.

John Pringle Southern Charm

On the latest episode of Southern Charm, Austen Kroll came to the realization that Madison LeCroy was having problems letting go of their relationship.  On the one hand, she didn’t want to date him, but on the other hand she made it clear she wouldn’t want him to see other people.

It’s so toxic that other cast members are getting involved.  Craig Conover blatantly asked Madison to cut herself out of Austen’s life.  Rather than take the advice, Madison chose to display her frustrations with Austen in a very public way.  The reverb from their interaction at the beach party is still being felt within the cast, and newbie John Pringle warns viewers that it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

John Pringle Southern Charm

Patricia Altschul did all she could to make John Pringle and Madison LeCroy an item.  The Southern Charm matriarch made it clear that she thought Austen Kroll was beneath dating her favorite hair stylist.  In an attempt to set Madison up with a man more befitting her, Patricia plied Pringle with martinis and the idea of pursuing Madison.

It worked at first.  Pringle and Madison hung out while their kids played baseball together, and by gosh there was some flirting going on.  Pringle made his intentions known to both Madison, and laughably, Austen too.  But after seeing Madison’s interaction with Austen during what was supposed to be his birthday party, Pringle’s opinion of Madison seemed to have changed.  And this odd love triangle turned more into a bro-mance than a new Southern Charm power couple.

John Pringle Southern Charm

After so many dull episodes, Southern Charm has picked it up as the season comes to a close. It’s been an interesting one. The internet is swarming with haters for this show. While the series has always been a known problem, this season is particularly eye-opening. For the cast as well. Temperatures are starting to boil over now that some accountability has come into play.

Then there’s the weird love triangle between Madison LeCroyAusten Kroll, and John Pringle. Talk about hot mess express.

Danni Baird Southern Charm

After the beach party from hell, it’ll be curious to see where the cast of Southern Charm goes from here. To say there’s tension in the group is the understatement of a lifetime. All eyes are on Kathryn Dennis because half of the cast has a bone to pick with her. Not the guys though which is evidently a whole other problem if you ask Leva Bonaparte. Besides Leva & Danni Baird washing their hands of her, Madison LeCroy has an issue too!

Speaking of Madison, the cycle between her and Austen Kroll is too much. They’re horrible for each other, and do nothing but continue to bring out the worst. Everyone wants it to be over. Their personal problems spill over into the group way too often. On last week’s episode of Southern Charm, a fight between Leva & Kathryn became about Austen & Madison. That’s a problem. Can they actually stay away from each other this week?