Leva Bonaparte Doesn’t Think Kathryn Dennis Is “Outwardly Racist”; Says She’s “Super Embedded In White Privilege”

Things are getting intense for Kathryn Dennis on the latest Southern Charm episode. We’re finally to the revolting and dreaded monkey emoji moment. Viewers watched Danni Baird and Leva Bonaparte discuss how completely insane it all was. Stranger still is the fact that Kathryn went to newbie Leva for advice on the matter.

Leva has been very clear that she does not consider herself a token on the show. That said, these two really aren’t friends at all. It’s a bit strange to see Kathryn go to her for help. In fact, Leva started her time on the show pretty upset with Kathryn spreading rumors about Cameran Eubanks. Leva has also mentioned Kathryn in a few other unflattering comments. Now she’s speaking out about her feelings on Kathryn’s careless racist comments.

In an interview Entertainment Tonight Leva shared, “I don’t believe Kathryn is outwardly racist.” Keyword: “outwardly.” Stay woke. 

Leva said, “I’ve never seen her say anything racist, no. Do I think she can be super embedded in white privilege? Yeah. Do I think that she’s tone deaf to things that don’t affect her? Yeah.” What a waste of her completely unearned station in life. You hate to see it.

Other cast members, like Shep Rosehave welcomed the discussion of racism on the show. So has Austen Kroll. It may be slight, but it is progress for these assholes. It’s no secret that this is one of the most problematic shows around. With some of the most repugnant off screen allegations.


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Back to KathrynLeva said, “I don’t know what the proper terminology is, but she fits on the spectrum, because sometimes just not caring is kinda racism at this point.” Preach it like you teach, Leva. 

Leva added, “I don’t think she’s out here trying to hurt anybody that’s different from her, or has any sort of vendetta against anybody, but I do think that if it doesn’t affect her, she’s kinda like, hmm.”

Of course, that’s also just sort of who Kathryn is. Even her most loyal friend, Danni has called her out for being aloof. In the past, Kathryn has blamed custody battles, baby-daddy drama, and the general mayhem of her life for being self-involved. Maybe this is her reckoning.


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[Photo Credit: John Valkos/Bravo]