New Southern Charm Cast Member Leva Bonaparte Shuts Down Claims She Is A “Token” Addition

Southern Charm is finally returning. The show took some time off from filming because, people quit. Cameran Eubanks left due to rumors of infidelity surrounding her marriage. Apparently being “friends” with Kathryn Dennis has it’s drawbacks. Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner followed suit, as they prefer to keep their drama down to what protein to have with dinner.

Cameran’s BFF Leva Bonaparte has joined the cast to fill some of the void. Leva has been around forever, in the background. Judging from the Season 7 trailer, discussions regarding race relations and white privilege will impact the crew. Though viewers might be weary of the content, I assure you this was not a subject one could avoid whilst living in a Southern town. Now that Leva has been introduced to the public, people are commenting on her race and ethnicity. Saying she is the “token” addition to this ensemble, with her “ambiguous” skin color. Now guys and gals, Leva needs a second of your time.

Leva is not new. Leva has probably been in more Southern Charm episodes than Eliza Limehouse. Leva already enjoys an established relationship with the current cast. She owns bars in Charleston, so Shep Rose and Austen Kroll probably worship the ground she walks on. Leva’s addition to the group is actually an organic transition. The only thing that sets her apart is her ethnicity, and that is getting her called a “token”. She isn’t here for it.

In an Instagram post, Leva shared some facts. “Calling someone racially ambiguous and just a “token” person of color is dehumanizing and ignorant… And also just rude… FYI.” If you don’t know, Leva is is Persian and was born in India. She spent a time growing up in both Canada and Bolivia. She and her husband, Lamar, are business partners in the nightlife scene. This is a mom, wife, businesswoman. And now she’s having to address her race. Welcome to fame!


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Leva captioned the post, “PSA I don’t believe in race, I believe there is one race, the human race and with that said yes I a have a culture and story. My stance in life is not political it’s HUMANE.” Basically she has seen life outside of Charleston, South Carolina and might have something to offer in the way of thinking outside the box.

Leva also shared, “I’m a proud daughter of Iranian parents who Fled Iran for me and my sisters and yes I have a medium shade of skin that varies all year depending on sun exposure-it’s not ambiguous and honey bunnies I ain’t nobody’s token.” What does it say when people are questioning a diverse member of a white-washed cast?


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Leva added, “I make very conscious decisions, miss me with your BS. And I don’t need anyone’s permission to do what I want when I want and how I want. Aka have opinions and express them.” Translation: don’t try Leva, try Jesus. Listen, of course her views are going to differ from other people. If we all sang the same note in the choir, there wouldn’t be any harmony. So what Leva adds could be both educational and necessary. Or she might come off as a total drama queen, but I doubt Kathryn will let that crown go.

Filming during the summer of 2020 in Charleston, any kind of debate involving white privilege or racial intolerance could not have been dodged. I’m saying this as a resident of a very Southern town. Whether Leva was on the show or not, it would have happened anyway. So it might be a bit much to label a new cast member based on the color of their skin, just because the color of the political climate has been showcased. A lot of people might be over Southern Charm, but this season could be a nice departure from sloppy, drunken displays of ignorance. And you can never go wrong with Michael the Butler.


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