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Fans Troll Erika Jayne For Describing Herself As “So Fresh And So Clean” In Midst Of Legal Drama

You guys, I can’t get enough of Erika Jayne’s current drama. In case you missed it, it’s way more interesting than the last three seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills combined.

First, Erika and longtime hubby, Tom Girardi, filed for divorce. Then it came out that they were being sued for allegations of fraud. One of the more despicable acts that Tom is being accused of is stealing settlement money from plane crash victims. Some thought maybe Erika was simply filing for divorce to protect assets. But it quickly became apparent that she had an axe to grind. In the form of texts from Tom’s mistress! Oh yes, this just keeps getting juicier and juicier. One would think with all this going on, Erika would be in hiding. Or at least trying to keep a low profile. After all, her name is being dragged through the mud, right along with Tom’s.

But when it comes to Erika, the narcissism runs deep, people. The perfect example is her latest post on Instagram. The picture features Erika looking down and holding onto the sides of some stupid hat with a veil. She’s dressed in all white, maybe in an attempt to appear innocent. But full glam aside, this housewife had the audacity to caption her post, “So Fresh, So Clean.”

Can I be the first to say, “so ew, so awkward”? I mean, really, Erika. As one user sniffed in the comments, “Read the room, girl!” It’s one thing to be out there getting divorced and still showing face. After all, she’s probably feeling free now that the weight of a 70+ something year old sugar daddy-turned-husband isn’t weighing her down. But this is a full blown legal scandal, one in which she is also being accused of being a knowing participant. Erika living it up with an expensive glam squad and lavish lifestyle on national television from funds swindled from innocent victims? She can stop calling herself the “Pretty Mess” and just stick with “Mess”.


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Her Instagram comments are just as angry as I am, and no one held back. One user posted, “So complicit, and SO culpable.” Another simply said, “And so broke.” Still others want answers, with someone commenting, “What abt the millions u and ur husband stole from plane crash vicitms [sic] is that so fresh n clean?” Another went for the jugular and posted, “CLANKITY CLANK.”

More users called her money dirty and accused her of being a fraud. Which certainly looks more and more like the truth for Erika. But if Erika wants to look like she’s unaffected, she is certainly doing a good job of that. While it may just be a front, anyone with any sense would think better of posting a glam shot of themselves with a cheeky caption while being accused of stealing money. Maybe Erika’s new tagline should be that she’s an enigma wrapped in embezzled cash.

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