Tom Girardi Suffers More Legal Issues Amid Divorce From Erika Jayne; Gets Sued For Fraud AGAIN

This might be what you call cutting and running. Erika Jayne is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle and alimony. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star finally has a storyline recently filed for divorce from her husband of twenty years, Tom Girardi. How can any of us hope to find true love when it just died in Pasadena? Also, who gets custody of Mikey?

Unfortunately for Tom, losing half his net worth isn’t the only thing going wrong this week. The acclaimed attorney has been plagued by legal issues over the years and 2020 has been no different. Tommy may or may not have a thing about paying back money. In September, Tom was on the receiving end of some papers alleging he doesn’t know how to count. Now, just a few weeks later, Tom is once again being accused of failing at numbers and having a reluctance to pay bills. Sir Isaac Newton he is not.

Tom needs someone mathematically proficient in his life. Mikey, get this man a calculator! Poor Tom probably needs a nap to start wrapping up his extracurricular court cases so he can concentrate on the demise of his wallet marriage. But it seems like Tommy can’t catch a break. Not only is he being sued for fraud, breach of contract, and breach of fiduciary duty by another law firm – now he’s being sued by… a widow.

The very last thing someone who has lost their partner wants to do is go to court. It’s quite enough to endure sorrow and pain without the added discourse of lawyers and someone stealing from you. This is not the situation for Judy Selberg, however. According to The Blast, Judy retained Tom as an attorney after her husband suffered a fatality in a boating accident.


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Here’s where it gets messy. In March 2020, the lawsuit was settled with Judy and the defendants agreed to pay $500,000. Judy says Tom and his firm advised she was entitled to $296,394.55 from the settlement. Judy says this was not the right amount and was lower because Tom “inappropriately’ increased the attorney fee from 33.3% to 40%. Oh, Tommy…

Judy alleges she was only paid $50,000 from the settlement and Tom refused to make good on the remaining balance. Judy is legit implying Tom and his firm stole her money. She was forced to hire another law firm to represent her and stated Tom’s actions have caused her major emotional damage. The lawsuit is seeking the entire unpaid amount from Judy’s settlement. She is also seeking unspecified damages (translation: big bucks) for Thomas’ alleged negligence.


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Tom has yet to respond to this most recent lawsuit. It sounds like he is going to be quite busy in the remaining months of 2020. Hopefully the dissolution of Tom’s marriage somehow enables him to start paying debts on time. Now that he will no longer have to front $40,000 a month for Erika’s eyelashes, perhaps he will have extra cash to take care of those IOUs.


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