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Fans Slam Erika Jayne For Joking About Making A Dating Profile

Erika Jayne just cannot seem to read the room. Despite being embroiled in many a lawsuit as the result of her husband, Tom Girardi, she just continues to show her whole a**.

A quick recap of all the drama, since it’s been hard to keep up. The couple announced they were filing for divorce just mere days before Tom was sued for embezzling money from the clients he is supposed to be helping. While some speculated that Erika was using divorce to distance herself from the legal side of things, she has also been named in the lawsuits. Then Erika went on a social media rampage, accusing Tom of cheating and doxxing his former flame. As if that wasn’t enough, a tone deaf Erika posted a glamour shot of herself to Instagram. Clearly, she’s oblivious, or just doesn’t care.

But she could go lower and turns out, she has! Never one to shy away from showing off, Erika posted another picture of herself to Instagram. This time, she’s in fishnets and striking a provocative pose. But her caption really takes the cake.

Erika jokes, “Thinking of making this my online dating profile pic. Thoughts??” Well, fans and critics were not here for this crap and had no problem telling her so.

One comment said, “Good to see you’re concerned about the important things.” Another posted, “Are you for real right now, sis? A coup just happened.” And one voice of reason said what we have all been saying, “Damn, girl. Read the room.”


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Others rightfully focused on just how self absorbed it is to be joking about a dating profile when you’re in the financial ruin of your own making. Someone told Erika, “Pay your bills first!” The financial shaming continued with this one, “Posting ass because your assets are frozen?” One posted said, “My thoughts are maybe you should just show up for court.” All solid advice that maybe Erika should consider taking.

Even worse for Erika, commenters were quick to point out just how serious the allegations against her are. One user said, “Can you do this while you’re in jail or …. ?” Yet another went in, “Y’all stole from people whose family died.” And finally, this comment, “You better worry about going to jail…. Not dating.”


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I’m not sure if Erika is reading the comments but sounds like maybe not after her last Instagram debacle. One would think she would keep a low profile but Erika isn’t exactly one to think of anyone but herself. She claims that she’s not going to hold back about any of this on the next season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The real question is: will anyone want to watch her now, knowing what we know?


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