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Erika Jayne’s Estranged Husband Tom Girardi Held In Contempt Due To Embezzlement Lawsuit; Assets Have Been Frozen

As the sun sets on another day, it seems like the sun is also setting on Tom Girardi’s career. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Pasadena Hustle star, Erika Jayne’s estranged husband has been having some bad times and things are only getting worse. Daddy Warbucks is about to be renamed as Daddy Nobucks.

As you know, Erika filed for divorce from Tom and many people were shocked. Not because they were so in love and got along well, but Erika and Tom appeared to have an arrangement that worked for them. That arrangement apparently fell to pieces once Erika was accused of divorcing Tom to protect assets that Big Daddy funneled into her business account. Allegedly. Last week Tom was sued for defaulting on leased office equipment used at Girardi Keese. Today something particularly incriminating happened. That’s not ice Darling, that’s your damn frozen account.

I’m thinking Erika might not get that spousal support Tom doesn’t want her to have, because that guy is about to lose everything. Tom has had a lot of legal battles since 1995ish for fraud, but this one is sticking. Let’s review. On Dec. 2, Big Tommy and Erika caught an embezzlement lawsuit by Edelson PC. The law firm submitted documents in an attempt to prove the couple embezzled settlement funds meant to help the families of victims of an airplane crash and using the money to fund their “lavish lifestyles”. To be blunt, they are saying Tom stole money that was meant for the families of people who died in a most horrific way.

Erika’s divorce-filing then caused some raised eyebrows. The suit states “on information and belief” the divorce is a sham attempt to fraudulently protect Tom and Erika’s cashola from debt collectors. With me so far? Today Tom attended a court hearing in Chicago via telephone, and shit just got real for Big Daddy. According to People, when Tom was asked where the $2 million from the crash settlement was, he was all, “$2 million, I don’t know her…” the US District Judge was not amused. I wonder if the pretend amnesia Erika never had is contagious.


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Because Tom was unable to explain where the money went, he is now being held in civil contempt. You may be wondering how an attorney like Tom, who appears to have a spotless record, could have fallen so far. Fun fact: in 2011, Tom was almost disbarred when he was accused of engaging in “egregious misconduct“. Now it looks like it might actually happen. As a result of Tom lying forgetting where he stashed $2 mil, the judge found him and Girardi Keese in contempt and their assets have been FROZEN. In other news, Mikey has packed his bags and moved to Atlanta to live with Marlo Hampton.

Judge Thomas Durkin reportedly said the “simple way to cure all of this” is to pay at least four clients that are allegedly owed $500,000. “These are widows and orphans. Half a million dollars for any one of these families is a significant amount of money. Life-changing, given the tragedy they went through,” the judge explained. Apparently Big Tommy only spoke once via telephone during the hearing so the judge could hear his voice.


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When the judge inquired about the location of the missing cash, Tom’s attorney said, “I’ve advised him to decline that.” Because Erika is probably driving around in it… You know, it’s one thing to blow money at the Bellagio and maybe have someone threaten to break your legs, but stealing money from families after you have defended them is a level of distaste that is unforgiving.

That’s what is different about this case. We’re pretty used to someone going to court. People don’t pay their taxes. People don’t pay their Amex bills. Hell, some people may or may not have sketchy real estate transactions with dignitaries from other countries. But this money was ALLEGEDLY stolen from innocent folks involved in a tragedy. It is assumed the state bar will get involved next. Here’s to hoping Tom finds that missing money, and fast.


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