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Kelly Dodd Compares Braunwyn Windham-Burke To Taylor Armstrong’s Late Husband Russell; Says She Won’t Be Blamed For Braunwyn’s “Mental Disorders, Alcoholism, Cheating, Violence, And Her Children Being Depressed”

We all know that Real Housewives of Orange County isn’t the show that it used to be, but Kelly Dodd and Braunwyn Windham-Burke are bringing a lot of drama. Sure, they’re also bringing some cringe (like when Braunwyn couldn’t use her own washing machine), annoyance, and fatigue to the audience, but in 2020, I guess I’ll take any TV content that I can get.

Aside from their own personal storylines, Kelly and Braunwyn are coming for each other. Over and over again. And the latest dig is a lot to unpack.

Kelly shared a screenshot of Braunwyn’s (extremely kind and patient) husband Sean Burke replying to a fan who slammed Braunwyn. However, Kelly deleted the tweet, probably because she went way too far (again), many times over. Thankfully, the Instagram account Reality TV & Me shared the post.

Sean continued to back up Braunwyn, who has been slamming him as an enabler every chance she gets in addition to hitting him. Sean told the RHOC viewer “[Braunwyn] is an amazing person and mom. If she wasn’t I wouldn’t be here for so many years and children.” In case anyone missed it: Braunwyn recently came out as a lesbian and said she has never been attracted to men.


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Discussing the times when Braunwyn hit him, Sean wrote, “I am so happy she is sober. The first couple months of sobriety suck. And thats what the world saw. Its so so much better now. Since they both happened right at the onset of sobriety , and never before or after, I really feel like it was the alcohol disease and not her. It was her absolute low, and her reminder that she can’t drink. I have it in that context.”

Then, Sean took a dig at the Orange County Housewives, writing, “She really should have gone to detox /rehab. , instead of doing this on her own with toxic castmates trying to get her to drink instead of supporting her.”


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Kelly saw that and then she went on the offensive. Kelly tweeted (and eventually deleted), “I am not going to be blamed for her mental disorders, alcoholism, cheating, violence, & her children being depressed. She’s been in a 5150 hold.”

Britney Spears was famously in a 5150 hold back in the day. The 51050 hold is “allows an individual with a mental illness to be involuntarily held for a 72-hour psychiatric hospitalization. The hold may not last for the full 72 hours, but the hospital has the legal right to determine the length of stay within that 72-hour period,” according to the Santa Barbara County Bar Association.


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Kelly wrote, “Haven’t they learned anything from Taylor Armstrong’s late husband? Clean up your own house. Get help. Stop blaming others.” Taylor called out Russell Armstrong for abuse on more than one occasion, including a time when he dislocated her jaw and nearly blinded her. This was a very dark reference.

From mentioning Braunwyn’s children to name dropping Taylor, Kelly crossed the line, yet again. But, she does have some shred of a point: she cannot be blamed for all Braunwyn’s struggles.


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