Mary Cosby Says She Has “Fear Of Convenience Stores” Because They’re “Always Robbed And Someone’s Always Killed”; Denies Making Racist Comments About 7-11 To Jen Shah

Mary Cosby

Every time Mary Cosby opens her mouth, she says something that I can’t get past. I’ll never get over the recent Real Housewives of Salt Lake City episode where she said that she employs a family member to clean her home, but that she has never taken the time to know anything about her own relative outside of the work she does for her. She suggested that Jen Shah’s aunt needed to drink more water to prevent her legs from getting amputated. There’s just a lot that doesn’t add up with Mary (and don’t even get me started on her absolutely suspect finances).

Then, there’s the whole 7-11 conversation that we didn’t get to see, but Jen claimed that Mary won’t go to the convenience store if there are Black people hanging outside the front.

On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen read a question from a fan who asked, “According to Jen Shah, you refused to go into a 7-11 if Black people are outside. Is that true? Can you clarify your statement there?” And, once again, Mary put her foot in her mouth.

Mary said, “Yeah, I was actually furious about that, Andy, because I did not say that at all. What I said was that I skipped out on my… I feel bad because I feel like my son skipped out on being able to go to a 7-11 as a kid because he’s never had a candy bar, to this day. He’s 18.” I don’t actually believe that this 18-year-old guy has never had a candy bar in his entire life, but let’s continue to the rest of Mary’s foot-in-mouth explanation.

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She claimed, “I don’t go to convenience stores because I have like a fear of convenience stores. So, I never mentioned 7-11. I never mentioned Black guys. And, so, that was completely all made up.” A “fear of convenience stores”!?

Andy wasn’t buying that, so he asked Mary, “What is your fear of convenience stores?”

Mary said, “Well, growing up in Utah, they were always robbed. Someone’s always killed in a convenience store. So, I always had a fear of going in them. It was just something that was kind of implanted [in me] growing up in Utah.”

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Mary insisted, “It wasn’t anything about Black people. It didn’t have anything to do with being racist. I don’t know where Jen pulled that one out of a hat, but it was absolutely obnoxious.” She probably should have just stopped there, but she didn’t and, well, she shared even more offensive statements.

Mary said, “Really the reality of that truth is we were in New York and she wanted to stop at this store. And there were these…. people at front and I was like ‘I’m not going in there. I don’t feel safe.’ I feel like it’s wisdom to drive, to keep driving past those little shops that there’s like people hanging out front that look questionable. That’s my opinion. I don’t think it’s weird.” Wow, what a generalization to make. Clearly, Mary hasn’t learned any sort of lessons from this whole ordeal.

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