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Tiffany Moon Reveals The Most, And Least, Welcoming Real Housewives Of Dallas Stars

Season 5 of Real Housewives of Dallas has finally begun, and I am here for it! LeeAnne Locken has left the building, and Tiffany Moon has joined the franchise. Tiffany has some impressive credentials. She is not only an an anesthesiologist, but also an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

The Dallas ladies are filming during Covid, so having a physician around might come in handy! Tiffany is married and has twin daughters. It will be interesting to see how she balances her career, home life, and filming RHOD.

In the season premiere, Stephanie Hollman throws a pool party for the ladies. Tiffany brings a refreshing energy to the show, and I like her already.  It is the first time that Tiffany, who is a friend of D’Andra Simmons, is meeting the whole cast.

There is tension in the air about Tiffany’s first meeting with Brandi Redmond. In January of 2020, a Twitter user shared a video of Brandi mocking Asian people. The video was a couple of years old, but it is still unacceptable. Brandi entered a wellness center following the backlash from the video. She is sorry and wants to make amends.

In an interview with US Weekly, Tiffany spilled the tea about the welcome she received from her RHOD co-stars. So, who was the most welcoming to the newbie Housewife? “I would say Stephanie [Hollman] was the most welcoming because she is just so sweet,” Tiffany stated. “She has this sort of Southern charm drawl. If you are upset and crying about something, she will stop everything that she’s doing, pour you a glass of wine and [she’ll be] like, ‘Baby, just come sit right here and tell me all about it,’” Tiffany said. “She’ll actually listen without interrupting or telling you about that one time that she did.” I’m not surprised that Stephanie and Tiffany hit it off.


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Tiffany didn’t really feel the love from Kary Brittingham. Tiffany explained, “Maybe we just have different ways of being inviting. I think we have very different personalities and I think her way of being inviting was to be like, ‘Woo, we’re here to party. Let’s take some shots!’” the anesthesiologist said. “And that’s not necessarily how I like to have fun. … I think as the season progressed, we began to understand each other a little bit better.”

In a video clip, Tiffany broke down the friction between her and Kary. “I will say that Kary and I did get off to a rough start. She is an extrovert all the way. And I am an introvert pretending to be an extrovert,” Tiffany shared. “So, we did not agree on a few things, and she did call me two-faced at a luncheon we were at.”


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At the end of the Season 5  premiere, Tiffany started to have an awkward discussion with Brandi about the racially insensitive video that Brandi made. So, how does Tiffany get along with Brandi? “Brandi is so sweet,” Tiffany commented. “She expressed sincere sorrow for causing hurt to anyone that she may have hurt by her video. And she and I had a very emotionally charged conversation, but in a good way,” Tiffany added.


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