Shannon Beador

Shannon Beador Reacts To Tamra Judge’s Claim That She Has A Drinking Problem; Says Tamra And Vicki Gunvalson Attack Her Weekly

Shannon Beador really annoyed me on this season of Real Housewives of Orange County. She has never been one of my favorites but listening to her cry about coronavirus really got under my skin. As much as I want to relate to how hard it is, crying about being away from your boyfriend for two weeks is just not a real problem in my mind. Especially at her age.

To make matters worse, Shannon drank her way through the season. We watched over and over how she poured herself a drink for every occasion. And drunkenly accosting Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s kids at Braunwyn’s vow renewal was not a good look.

So it’s no surprise that ex-castmate (and ex-bestie) Tamra Judge had something to say about it. In a desperate attempt to stay relevant, Tamra has been talking smack on Shannon big time. One of the accusations she lobbed at her was that Shannon is an alcoholic. But Shannon isn’t taking Tamra’s crap and clapped back to Hollywood Life.

Shannon sniffed, “I wasn’t [the one] crying in a bush at the end of Season 14. I don’t take my top off and jump in the pool naked. I keep my Spanx on!”


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This isn’t the first time Shannon has been accused of being an alcoholic so she tries to remain indifferent. Idk if I had been accused of being an alcoholic multiple times, I might want to look within. But Shannon refuses to buy into it and dismissed it by saying,“that’s not the case.” She further explained,“At this point, I know who I am. My family and friends know who I am, so you want to try it again for an eighth season if I’m back? OK.”

One might also think that with Tamra gone, that led Shannon to a friendship with longtime adversary, Kelly Dodd. But Shannon claims that had nothing to do with it. And that Tamra and ex-cast member Vicki Gunvalson gave her hell about it in the media.


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According to Shannon, “It’s weekly at this point that there’s some sort of an attack [on me], but it’s just a sad situation that people I considered my best friends chose to start attacking me on social media and in the press and if you are upset with anything, which by the way, I called [them] the second I made up with Kelly, so there wasn’t any sort of new news for anyone, but there’s just some untruths out there and it’s been very, very hard to just sit back.”

Shannon continued, “But I’m not going to take apart a friendship that I had for almost seven years, publicly. I’m not going to do that. I don’t care how many weeks, how many times people keep coming. They keep coming at me, I’m not going to talk about it.” So…’re talking about it?


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Anyway, alcoholic issues or not, Shannon had plenty to deal with this season when it came to her castmates. The last thing she needs is Tamra and Vicki using her to stay in the spotlight. But my guess is that won’t happen anytime soon.


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