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Shannon Beador Says She’s Closed Door On Tamra Judge; Tamra Slams Shannon As “Toxic Manipulator”

Shannon Storms Beador has really been working the “new me” edit on this season of Real Housewives of Orange County. Despite getting into some early trouble for possibly being elitist against Gina Kirschenheiter’s new house, she is really trying to come off as more likable.

She’s lost all her Vicki Gunvalson stress weight. She has a new man in her life (and all his kids too). She even has a new house, complete with a painted picture of her own face hanging in her gym. Presumably so she can stare into her own mug as motivation to work out. I don’t get it but I also don’t work out soooo……

With the whole new Shannon thing, comes new relationships. And ones that are going to be left in the past. One such relationship is with former castmate and chronic shit stirrer, Tamra Judge. It’s true, Shannon and Tamra were thick as thieves before Tamra got the axe after last season. Things turned sour and the two of them have gone back and forth on social media for months now.

But on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Host Andy Cohen played a game with Shannon.He asked her what “Beadors” she was closing in her life. He asked if she was asked if she was “closing the Beador” on her friendship with Tamra. Shannon wasted no time thinking and immediately responded with “yes.”


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After that clip was posted on the WWHL Twitter page, Tamra just could not pass up a chance to remain relevant. So she decided to fire back. As reported by irealhousewives, who captured the image on Instagram, Tamra went off. Tamra commented, “I closed that door months ago when you turned your back on me when I needed you the most.”

Tamra continued to seethe, “Should have listened to my husband a long time ago. You’re a toxic manipulator. I’m so mad at myself for putting up with your shit and protecting you for so long.” Then she ended it with #horribleperson. Nice touch.


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I’m not really sure what Tamra is referring to when she said that Shannon turned her back on her when she needed her the most. When she was fired for being a #horribleperson? Is that what she means? Either way, it looks like Shannon wants to leave behind old baggage from the show and I can hardly blame her.

Let’s face it, no matter what Tamra says, it doesn’t seem like she ever really had Shannon’s back. More like she regularly used Shannon to do her dirty work. And now Tamra is mad that Shannon caught onto her game and no longer has to keep her in her life since they don’t film together.


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Sounds like Tamra might be a bit jealous that Shannon is moving on to opening new “Beadors” and Tamra is stuck with a failing CBD business. And an empty gym. Karma is not always kind of housewives and Tamra is one person who deserves plenty of it. I’m no fan of Shannon but cheers to her leaving fake friendships in the past. It’s something we should all do in 2021.


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