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Craig Conover’s Girlfriend Natalie Hegnauer Defends Their Relationship And Her Past With Austen Kroll Before Appearing On Southern Charm

Wowowowowow. Say what you will about this season of Southern Charm, but their first reunion ep is SENDING viewers. Screw the Jay Cutler drama. We found out Madison LeCroy has a whole MLB saga!? She’s also made peace with the (supposedly) reformed Shep Rose. The COVID-19 seating distance created some serious whiplash as people watched the insults hurl all over the damn stage.

Seemingly wasted Craig Conover (who had to be shushed by Andy Cohen multiple times) and Austen Kroll were relentless with their anger towards Madison. Rather than take the hypocrisy lying down, Madison decided to air Craig’s relationship’s dirty laundry. Fair is fair, right? She listed off the new-boo’s former appearances on Andy’s dating shows as well as her previous hook up with Austen in summer of 2019.

Following Madison’s on camera implication that Craig’s girlfriend is a fame chaser, the drama made its way to the ‘gram. As it tends to do. Natalie Hegnauer, who has hardly filmed this season, posted a story defending herself against Madison’s comments. Us Weekly reported on the post. The internet is forever!

Natalie shared her side of things saying, “I would never usually post this but since I am unable to defend myself since I didn’t really film this season, and people continue to broadcast aspersions on my integrity (which I understand, as reality TV feeds on drama — and I understand, since I am dating a reality TV stars where their life is lived publicly and inadvertently mine is too), I’m just going to leave this here.”


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Natalie asked her followers and Southern Charm fans, “Who cares what I did in my past?” She also justified her appearance on Andy Cohen’s dating show. She said, “My friend was one of the producers and offered me [money] and said it would be fun. So I did it, as most kids would.”

Despite Craig saying at the reunion that he learned about Natalie’s former exposure from Google, she shared, “It’s not that deep. I told Craig about it way back when we were friends, we watched clips on YouTube together, then we continued living our lives. In no way is this a connection to who I am. I have a full-time job that I enjoy and have worked hard to achieve.”


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About AustenNatalie revealed, “Austen and I had a meaningless fling over a year and a half ago. We mutually decided we’re better as friends and he introduced me to Craig. Craig and I were just friends for months and organically developed feelings for each other. You can’t help or control who you fall for.” If nothing else, Southern Charm has proven this last bit to be true.

Natalie finished her address to the masses saying, “What I do in my private life is my decision and I should not be shamed for it.” She added, “However, your opinion of me is none of my business and I respect that. I understood from the start that in the world of reality TV, this would naturally be brought up so I wanted to give you all my side. … Craig is my best friend and we are happy together. Nothing else really matters.”

Now if only Craig and Austen could apply that same logic to everyone else they share the stage with. Single people do single things. Let’s all move on.


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