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Madison LeCroy Shades Craig Conover’s Girlfriend Natalie Hegnauer For Sleeping With Austen Kroll Before Dating Craig; Craig Slams Madison As “Nasty For No Reason”

Just hand Madison LeCroy a spoon. The Southern Charm cast member is always ready to stir the pot. We all know about her strange rivalry with Shep Rose. Now, she can add Craig Conover to the list of co-stars she’s offended.

On a recent Watch What Happens Live episode, Madison mentioned that Craig’s girlfriend Natalie Hegnauer slept with Austen Kroll before she got together with Craig, strongly implying that Natalie did so to get on the show. Well, pot, meet kettle. Many people have suggested that Madison used Austen to secure a spot on Southern Charm. If that’s not true, why would she make someone feel the way that she’s felt? If Madison did use Austen to be on TV, then it’s hypocritical to call out Natalie.

Madison has no remorse for mentioning this. She told Entertainment Tonight, “The thing was, I did not drop that [bomb]. Like, everybody already knew this going into it, when they started dating. Austen is the one who told me. So when I said that, I wasn’t trying to throw Craig or his girlfriend under the bus.” Sure, Madison.

Madison said, “That was going to come out. If you sleep with two of the castmates on the show and you think you’re going to slide by without that, you’re an idiot. … And if you can get past that, then by all means, knock yourself out.”

Madison claimed that she publicized the information because the guys are always talking about her personal life. So, despite what she says, she clearly was trying to throw Craig’s girlfriend under the bus.


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