Madison LeCroy Addresses Eric Decker Hookup Rumors

The Southern Charm fans are having a field day on the internet lately. There is so much chatter about Madison LeCroy that Erika Jayne is probably breathing a sigh of relief that the Bravo fans have been monopolized by all the Madison rumors. Scratch that, she’s probably taking another thirst trap photo and brainstorming a tone deaf Instagram caption at this moment.

First, Madison shared those text screenshots, alleging that she slept with Jay Cutler. And a selfie to prove that they have actually hung out beyond FaceTime and direct messages. Then, the reunion aired. Craig Conover and Austen Kroll accused Madison of sleeping with married men and professional athletes. Then, the receipts (and allegations) started to trickle in, linking Madison to Alex Rodriguez. Yes, Jennifer Lopez’s future ex fiance. And, now there are even more Madison romance rumors.

Deux Moi posted a not-so-blind item about Madison. Before getting to it, Deux Moi has repeatedly admitted that there’s zero fact checking that goes into posting the blind items. She just posts them. Sometimes, they prove to be true and other times, they don’t, so take this with a grain of salt before we go through the specifics.

The blind item begins, “The choppy editing of the reunion of this reality show is to blame. Two of the former pro athletes (one ex MLB and one ex NFL) have been named! But, neither of them are married. Who is the ‘happily married’ third mystery man that likes to stroke the salami on FaceTime with our Southern Charmer?” Obviously, this whole part references Madison.


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Then, this next part just has one glaring clue after another: “here is a hint: His wife (who traveled heavily during the pandemic, much to the detriment of their youngest child with breathing problems) also claims to be fond of South Beach. Southern Charmer will never confirm or deny because the wife still puts on their toxic positivity happily married, tongue licking front.”

Let’s break down the clues. Jessie James Decker is a South Beach spokesperson, whose son has been recently hospitalized for his breathing issues. Additionally, she and Eric Decker have made headlines for their attention-seeking public tongue licking.


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So, now that we know who the blind item is referring to, let’s get to the second half of the mystery: is it true? The Instagram account bravoandcocktails received a DM from Madison herself who claimed, “Yes, it’s not true.” She said, “I love them. I would never.”

Madison gave the account permission to share her DM and claimed, “It’s not true” and “No married men EVER.”

Apparently, Eric is getting comments on his latest post from Instagram users asking about Madison, which he keeps deleting.


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Weirdly enough, on the day that these rumors started to swirl, Jessie posted a video from their wedding. No, it’s not their anniversary. They actually got married in June 2013, per Bleacher Report. So, that timing is certainly odd to promote a song she sang at her wedding. What. A. Coincidence.

It does seem like the Deckers are somewhat acquainted with the Southern Charm crew. Craig and Jessie did a collaboration with her clothing line and his pillows in 2019. Madison follows Jessie on Instagram, but Jessie doesn’t follow her back currently (lol).

Another weird tie is that A-Rod posted a photo in January 2021, promoting JLo’s beauty line with both Eric and Jessie in the background.

Is this just a baseless rumor? Or is it one of those “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” situations? Is anyone else as annoyed as I am by that reunion editing and the bleeped out names?


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