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For being one of the most consistently contentious casts, there is finally something *most* Real Housewives of Orange County can agree on. Their dislike for Braunwyn Windham-Burke. As the season closed, the cast seemed to hit new theatrical heights all around. But no one was more dramatic than B. To be fair, she was grappling with some pretty shitty news.

Shannon Beador let it drop that Braunwyn had previously (and drunkenly) offered her 14-year-old daughter cocaine! Yeeeesh! At another point, Braunwyn accused Shannon of having a drinking problem too. Of course, Shannon denies this. She claims shes “fun” not an alcoholic. Okay then.

Any fan of the show would remember Shannon’s strange history with alcohol. She’s known for pushing others to drink to make them appear foolish on camera. She’s also been involved in COUNTLESS sloppy drunk moments. Even Tamra Judge of the  “naked wasted” saga has called Shannon’s drinking out. This entire franchise is pretty fucked up when it comes to the booze. Just saying. But when the drinking shame is pointed at Shannon, I guess that’s when she decides it’s unfair.

In an interview with Jeff Lewis the  solo-amiga explained why she called out Braunwyn at the reunion. She ranted, “I’ll tell you why I did, because she had the audacity to sit there at the reunion. And Andy [Cohen] went around and ask every person ‘do you think Shannon has a drinking problem?’ Everyone said no. And then Braunwyn, you know, the saint of all saints, knowing who an alcoholic isn’t said, yes you are.”


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So what’s the petty police to do when they’re given a label they’ve been hurling at everyone else? Scramble. And that’s what Shannon did. She shared, “And you know, my response is, and you’re basing that on all the times we were drinking together. When you passed out my kids bed, I had to call Sean [Burke] and say, I’m putting her in a car right now.”

Shannon continued her attempt at redirecting the focus away from her own drinking. She said, “That’s where you’re basing your judgment of whether I’m an alcoholic or not. That’s damaging for me. I mean, I’m working super hard on a brand. I am, I did let myself go during COVID and I’m not proud of it, but 2021 is the year of the glow up. And I’m going to change all of that, but don’t put a label on me as an alcoholic. Do I go out and have fun? Yes, I do.”

Raise your hand if you’re ready for the “fun Shannon” escapade to retire.


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