Danni Baird Confirms Madison LeCroy FaceTime Relationship With Alex Rodriguez

The current season of Southern Charm wasn’t the best. The same discussions got dragged out week after week. However, I give the cast, crew, and editors the props for bringing it all together to create episodes during the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, the reunion has more than made up for that. However, I really wish they were filming the show right now. The off-season accusations against Madison LeCroy are ten times as interesting as the current season. Madison dropped text message screenshots and a selfie with Jay Cutler, claiming that they slept together.

After that, Austen Kroll and Craig Conover accused Madison of dating married men and professional athletes at the reunion. Then, based on social media evidence, it seemed like one of those guys was Alex Rodriguez, who’s engaged to Jennifer Lopez. Andruw Jones also appeared in the gossip about Madison’s alleged hookups. Then, Madison addressed rumors about hooking up with Eric Decker, who is married to Jessie James Decker. And now, Madison’s frenemy Danni Baird is confirming some piping hot tea about Madison.

Danni was on the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast recently. Reflecting on the reunion, she said, “I knew what they were talking about, but I didn’t know what ‘ex-MLB’ meant.” After that, Kate Casey asked, “When you heard that it was possibly A-Rod, were you like like ‘What? What happened to our show? Where are we in the world? What’s going on?’”

Then Danni sort of put sentences together said, “Like months before that, I had heard…. She had told me that they were FaceTiming or something. And I just assumed…. I never asked more about it or anything like that. So, I just kind of forgot about it.” Unfortunately, she didn’t confirm if there was more than FaceTiming going on.


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Danni said, “I didn’t know about Jay Cutler. That is wild. Like what?” Considering that Jay publicly split from Kristin Cavallari, hanging with him wasn’t that shocking to me. However, A-Rod constantly fawning over his fiancée and then making time to FaceTime with Madison in between taking selfies JLo at her dance rehearsals, now that is some wild news.

Danni said,”If I had half the game she had. No, if I had like an eight of the game she had, I’d be married like six times by now.” Ain’t that the truth.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]