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Kenya Moore Defends Herself As A Host; Says She Cooked For The Cast And Brings Her Daughter On Every Single Trip

Most of the time, these Bravo cast trips appear to be anything but fun. Sure, they’re getting paid to film and they’re getting a lot for free, but the “vacations” just seem so dramatic.

In addition to all of that, the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast seemed to be starving during the last episode. While they were all waiting for a chef to finish roasting a pig, Kenya ordered an individual meal for herself. Obviously, this bothered the cast members, who were already annoyed with Kenya before they even got to South Carolina. And, don’t even get me started on that bootleg attempt at a murder mystery.

Kenya paid for a private jet to fly from Atlanta to South Carolina. She brought her daughter Brooklyn Daly, a nanny to take care of Brooklyn while Kenya was with the cast, and RHOA newbie LaToya Ali. Everyone else in the cast traveled via van, which ended up being an 8-hour trip.

When Porsha Williams found out that Kenya brought her daughter while she left her own child with her mom Diane Williams and ex Dennis McKinley. After that, Drew Sidora jumped on the bandwagon, upset that she didn’t bring her kids either. Drew’s kids were at home with their dad Ralph Pittman and Drew’s mom, who lives with the family. That’s when Kandi Burruss reminded the ladies that they all have family members who are involved with their children. Meanwhile, Kenya has never even left Brooklyn alone with her father, Marc Daly, for a long stretch of time.

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Kenya replied to the criticism, tweeting, “I have brought my child on every single trip we have ever had since BK was born. Even if u don’t see her on camera she is with me. All these girls know that is a given-not an option for me.”

After that, she defended her mode of transportation. Kenya tweeted, “If the other ladies wanted to fly private they could have too. Some already expressed they weren’t going to pay any money to go… so… “

Then she claimed, “We literally packed the fridge with everything they asked for to eat. #RHOA and I cooked them a meal but [they] cut that out.”

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In addition to offending the entire cast (except for LaToya) with her hosting etiquette, Kenya rebuffed Marlo Hampton when she tried to squash her beef with Kenya. In a prior scene, Marlo told Kandi that she felt like she and Kenya both went below the belt and that she wanted to just stop beefing over stupid shit. I’m paraphrasing, but if you watched, you know what I’m saying.

Seemingly addressing the Marlo situation, Kenya tweeted, “You can’t hit someone to their core, attack someone every time you see them without provocation and wonder why they pay you dust…Own your behavior #RHOA #accountability.” I’m not gonna lie, the Kenya vs. Marlo feud is so entertaining, but I would love to see them on the same side for more than two seconds.

When a fan tweeted, “thank you for taking my crown! I thought I was the worst hostess,” Kenya responded with “lol.” But, I have a feeling that she was not actually laughing out loud.

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