Below Deck star Ashling Lorger And Elizabeth Frankini

Below Deck Star Elizabeth Frankini Slams Ashling Lorger As “Fake”; Ashling Says Elizabeth “Wasn’t Cut For Yachting”

That last episode of Below Deck was so awkward for Elizabeth Frankini. She had no idea that Captain Lee Rosbach was gonna let Francesca Rubi fire her. Before that, she had no idea that James Hough had zero interest in actually dating her and was trash talking her. And, most critically, she seemingly had no idea how to do the basic tasks required for her job.

The awkwardness continued after the episode when Elizabeth and Ashling Lorger appeared on Watch What Happens Live together. They called each other out and argued the whole time.

Andy Cohen read a question from a fan who asked, “Ashling, would you agree that you took jabs at Elizabeth every chance you got with Francesca, but then smiled in her face?” Then, he rubbed it in further, telling Ashling, “We got this a lot for you.”

Ashling acknowledged, “Yeah, I know. I noticed that. Definitely wasn’t intentional whatsoever.” Then, she attempted to explain herself, but it was just very awkward. Ashling said, “I will admit that I always have a smile on my face and that’s just part of me, whether that’s been misinterpreted or what. But, no, there was no intentional like smirks or nastiness toward you aboard the yacht. At all. From my behalf anyway.”

Andy continued to push, asking, “What do you think Elizabeth?” That’s when Elizabeth addressed Ashling directly. She told her, “I don’t know where you come from down under, but where I come from we call that ‘fake.'”

And for some reason Ashling turned this into something it really wasn’t, remarking, “So you’re dividing Australians vs. Americans? That’s pretty nasty.” Girl, that is such a reach. This prompted Andy to joke, “I don’t want to start a war between Australia and America.”


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Andy didn’t stop pushing for drama, asking Ashling, “Do you think that you could be called ‘fake’ in terms of Elizabeth?” Once again, Ashling struggled to truly answer the question. She said, “Let’s just say I’ve never been fake in my whole life. It’s definitely a first and it’s definitely a shock, so ummm, yeah.”

After that, a Below Deck fan asked Elizabeth how she felt when Ashling said she was a “lost cause and didn’t have a backbone.” Elizabeth told Ashling, “Ugh, yeah. You did say those things and I did find it hurtful. And I found it very strange that you never expressed any of that to me on the boat.” Same here.

Then, Ashling responded, “I’m just letting you know for now, I was just trying to keep it all professional the whole time. In a workplace environment like that, I am a manager and I am a business owner and I’ve worked like yachts on that for a year and a half for two years in a very high-ranking professional yacht where it was extremely like strict. I was just keeping my professionalism up to a high standard. That’s all.”

That’s when Elizabeth slammed Ashling for thinking it was “professional” to “chat behind [her] back with the chief stewardess.”


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A viewer asked Ashling, “If James wasn’t on the boat, do you think Elizabeth would have been a better stew and wouldn’t have gotten fired.” The shade continued with Ashling remarking, “No. I think Liz, you’re just not cut for yachting. It’s just not your thing.”

Ashling continued, “Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses. I think that James was just a little bit of a distraction. He helped along the way. ” Elizabeth immediately clapped back with a diss, quipping, “I do have a lot more going in my life than working on yachts for the rest of my life.”

Then, Elizabeth told Ashling, “I still made a successful 4.5 year career out of it and I’m very proud of myself. I would love to work with a crew in the future that actually appreciates and supports me.” Girl, you couldn’t do any of the basic tasks. Oh, and she made World War-grade mustard gas. What was there to appreciate about your work?


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