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Heather Gay Explains Why Sonja Morgan Is Her Favorite Real Housewives Star; Says Sonja Is “Funny And Kind, But Not Cruel”

Don’t get me wrong, I love when a Real Housewife makes an effort to contribute to her show. But, sometimes, a Real Housewife tries too much and it’s just not, well, “real.” During the first reunion episode of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Lisa Barlow said she was upset with Heather Gay because the audience was upset with how Lisa treated Heather. Well, how is that Heather’s fault?

Lisa has exhibited some mean girl tendencies. And, well, the viewers adore Heather because she is relatable and seems to be very sincere, despite what Lisa claims. Lisa had no clue she was messing with a fan favorite. And just when you think that you couldn’t love Heather even more, she is also a Real Housewives viewer, just like the rest of us and she has her favorites.

During an appearance on the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast, Heather was asked, ” Did you watch the other [Real] Housewives before joining the show.” In response, she admitted, “Yeah. I watched all the other Housewives. I’m an empath, so I’m like really into the crying scenes, ‘the Morgan letters.'” Yes, she did an unprompted Sonja Morgan impression in the middle of answering the question.

Heather went on to explain, “Those are the moments where I’m just like ‘This is why I watch.’ But, um, yeah, I watch all of them and I realized that I think that I’m leaning into that. I realized that I really want to see like Sonja wash her panties in the bidet. You know what I mean? Those are the life hacks I’m looking for when I watch Housewives. So, you know, if someone is gonna order meatballs because they saw me on TV, then I’ve done my part. I feel like I’ve contributed.”


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When she was asked to name her favorite Real Housewife, Heather answered, “I love Sonja Morgan. I just, I love her, explaining, “I don’t know if it’s because I sensed a lot of what she was going through,” which was seemingly a reference to divorce. Heather added, “I related to it and I got to see it play out.”

Heather elaborated, “I think she’s funny and kind, but not dumb, you know? And I like people who can read the room, but they do not feel the need to control it or be cruel. And I feel like Sonja embodies that. So, I would say that she’s always one of my favorites. I think all of these women are remarkable for coming on TV, remarkable in their bad and remarkable in their good and we all have a little bit of it in us.”

And, there you have it: Heather Gay is a great Housewife and she has great taste in Housewives. Well, sort of. I’m leaving her friendships with her own cast members out of my commentary… for now.


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