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Wardrobe Stylist Accuses Ramona Singer Of Asking For “VIP Discount,” Trashing Dressing Rooms, And Breaking A Vase

Longtime Real Housewives of New York viewers know that Ramona Singer is not shy when it comes to being cheap. Last season, Dorinda Medley was miffed when Ramona made her and Sonja Morgan take Instagram photos with a party planner in exchange for a free birthday party for her “50 best girlfriends.”

Then, at that party, she had each guest donate money so she could purchase a Gucci purse. For a woman who brags so much about being a successful businesswoman, none of that actually lines up with what she’s been spewing for years. Nevertheless, it’s Ramona’s consistent inconsistencies that have kept her on reality TV for over a decade. Oh, and her rudeness. Just when you thought that Ramona couldn’t be any more rude, she does something else that makes you shake your head. Not that she cares. At all.

A wardrobe stylist named Tahira called out Ramona for her behavior via TikTok video. She began, “So, I used to work for Club Monaco for years. One summer, they did a pop-up store in the Hamptons. Ramona came in with two friends.”

The visit got off to a great start, with Tahira sharing, “She wants to try on everything in the store, which is great. We get the fitting room set up for her and she starts doing like a fashion show pretty much for her friends. And every time she liked something, she would come out. She would twirl around the entire store, from the front of the store to the back. She was really feeling herself.” Absolutely no one is shocked by that last part. Ramona is always feeling herself.


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However, Ramona’s “me, me, me” persona spiraled out of control while she was shopping in the Hamptons. The wardrobe stylist shared, “One time [when] she was twirling around, she knocks right into a table. The vase on the table falls [and] breaks. She never apologized for the vase breaking.” But, did she reimburse the store for the damage? Of course not. This is Ramona Singer, after all.

Tahira shared, “We get to the counter. We give her her total and she’s like ‘OK, but what’s the VIP discount?’ And we were like, ‘all the discounts have to go through the PR department. We don’t give discounts in the store. It has to be approved.'” Oh, Ramona. How tacky.


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In response to the lack of discount, Ramona snapped, “Oh, you should have told me that in the beginning.” After that, she left without buying anything… including that vase she shattered. The former clothing store employee added, “We opened two bottles of champagne for them. She broke the vase. She left the fitting room trashed and they were there for almost two hours.”

Life on the Ramonacoaster is not for the faint of heart…. or patience.


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