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Jackie Goldschneider Says She And Evan Goldschneider Fought So Much Their Kids Asked If They Were Divorcing

I love a season that cuts right to the chase. *Usually* that means we have a lot in store. Our Real Housewives of New Jersey wasted no time in getting us to the drama. A quick recap; Teresa Giudice ran all around Jackie Goldschneider’s husband’s birthday party telling the cast that he cheats at the gym. Whenever anyone asked her where she heard it from Teresa somehow couldn’t remember. Of course, all of this made its way back to Jackie who then tried to help Tre understand what it feels like to have a rumor spread. To do this, Jackie made a false statement about Teresa’s daughter on camera. It didn’t end well.

Honestly, Teresa has had plenty of actual low down secrets aired out. Trying to help her understand what a fake rumor feels like is probably going to be fruitless. But I applaud Jackie for trying.

Now, Jackie is sharing that this whole gossip session did more than just mess with her image. It impacted her real life. In an interview with E! News she described what it was like for her family to cope with an unexpected cheating rumor being discussed on camera. She started, “I had to tell Evan [Goldschneider] and he was just beside himself.” She added,”He was embarrassed and enraged, and everything was just coming down on me — and rightfully so. I mean, he was really, really mad.”

Jackie revealed she and Evan began a cycle of arguments following the early season filming. Something she says her kids have never seen before. She shared,”My kids were upset. My daughter, I remember, would cry every night asking if we’re going to get divorced. And I’m like, of course we’re not going to get divorced over it, but they are not used to us fighting. So, it was a really heavy, emotional week in my house.” Ugh. I never like to imagine these kids having to deal with the adult antics.


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Part of the frustration came from the fact that Jackie and Evan knew these falsehoods would be shown on national television. Jackie, a former fan of the show, noted, “I know this exists in ‘TV land,’ but it also impacts our real life, day to day.” She continued,  “Millions of people see it, millions of people are reading about it on the internet and he was just beside himself. He was so embarrassed. At the end of the day, he does this show because he loves me, you know? I think most husbands do. And he loves the show — he gets along great with all the husbands — but it’s really for me.”

Evan does truly seem like a great guy. At least from what we’ve seen. Jackie added, “He was just so upset and embarrassed and there was no one for him to yell at and be mad at except for me.” She also admitted, “I was racked with guilt, because I did bring this into his life and now, he was getting slaughtered. I think that every time that he would get upset and start venting and get mad and angry, it was all coming down on me and I didn’t know what to do with it. So, it was just fight after fight of, ‘What do you want me to do? I told you I’ll leave. Is that what you want?'”


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In the end, Jackie shared, “It was just a lot of back and forth and indecisiveness and, you know, at the end of the day, I just had to keep making the point of, ‘I love you more than I love this and I will leave if you want me to,’ and it was just a really frustrating experience, because I felt so guilty and so heavy for it, but there was nothing I could do to fix it.” Heavy.


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