Teresa Giudice Defends Spreading Cheating Rumors About Jackie Goldschneider’s Husband Evan; Says It Was “Not Smart At All” For Jackie To Mention Gia Giudice

That Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 11 premiere episode was unreal. Teresa Giudice took it upon herself to spread rumors about Evan Goldschneider cheating on Jackie Goldschneider without offering any receipts.

Jackie confronted Teresa about the impact of her spreading these allegations and she used a failed analogy about Gia Giudice snorting cocaine in the bathroom at parties. In real time, Jackie has no regrets for mentioning Gia. And, of course, Teresa has no regrets for gossiping about Evan at his own birthday party. It’s just ironic and hypocritical to do that considering how upset she was when people accused her and Joe Giudice of cheating on each other.

Teresa told ET, “She tries to act like she’s this person you could speak to, and she’s a lawyer and all this…A lawyer and being so smart, that was the worst analogy possible. And being a mom of four? Very bad move.” Again (for the zillionth time), Jackie could have just mentioned the cheating claims against Joe and/or Teresa to illustrate her point.

Teresa said, “I think anybody — anybody — that would say something like that about someone else’s child is disgraceful. It is. As a lawyer, not smart. Just saying! Not smart at all.”


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Then, Teresa claimed she was “fine with the [cheating] rumors being brought up” when they were about her and Joe. Umm, in the immortal words of Lisa Barlow, “Roll footage.” Teresa was not fine. Not fine at all, which is completely understandable. But, why do the same thing to Jackie?

Teresa said she “stood up for [herself] during her own cheating scandals. She continued, “If it’s not going on, you stand up for yourself. I just wanted her to know. I didn’t ruin the birthday party. I just wanted her to know to stand up for herself and defend herself so the rumor would stop.”


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Teresa insisted, “It’s not like I made it up. It was out there. I’m not saying it’s true, I’m not saying it’s not true. I just wanted her to know — from a girl’s girl — that it was out there, and she should do something about it.” If you want her to know, then why not tell her? Instead you told everyone else and Jackie had to find out from a third party.

She recalled, “I was drinking a lot of tequila and then, I don’t know, I was looking at her, and this is how I work … I’m very spontaneous, something just clicked in my brain and I was telling my girlfriends. It’s not like I was telling strangers. We’re all in the same circle.” I’m not really getting how that’s any sort of defense, but OK, Tre.

During that interview she admitted that she could have picked a better time to bring this up. But, apparently, she has zero remorse.


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