Cynthia Bailey Dishes On Her Seagram’s Escapes Collaboration

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans first heard about Cynthia Bailey’s partnership with Seagram’s Escapes during the Season 11 finale. Cynthia host a parted to launch her Peach Bellini drink, and, well some drama ensued, as expected.

Cynthia has continued her partnership with the brand and she spoke to us about everything they’ve accomplished in recent years.

Cynthia acknowledged that the pandemic “changed the game completely” in regard to her brand collaboration. She recalled, “You know, this time the year before last we were on a whole women’s empowerment tour. We were going to different cities and it was so amazing.”

Cynthia reflected, “When we started this journey in 2018, it was such a good fit for me because I like a cocktail. I definitely am a Housewife. I like a good drink and I love empowering women, so combining both of those things is amazing.”

Unfortunately, the pandemic has put most in-person events on hold, with Cynthia acknowledging, “I miss my fans. I love my fans and my fans love me. I’m a hugger.”

Cynthia reflected, “2020 made me realize how much it means to see people, touch people, and shake hands. I mean, are we gonna ever be shaking hands again?”

Despite the difficulties of the past year, Cynthia acknowledged, “I’m really grateful that through Housewives and Seagram’s I’ve been able to continue working.”

When we asked what drew Cynthia to Seagram’s in the first place, she said, “Honestly, they approached my agent and expressed interest in me. What I really loved was the reasons why they wanted to work with me. They followed my career. They followed me on the show. They considered me to be a good example and representation of a Black woman, as a mother, as an entrepreneur, as a wife, as all the things that I work hard to be successful with.”

She continued, “It wasn’t like ‘Hey, she’s on a reality show.’ It was all the different layers that make up Cynthia Bailey that made them think I could be a good representation to work with them.”

Cynthia also dished on the holiday marketplace that she put together with Seagram’s and former Atlanta Housewife Eva Marcille in 2020. She explained. “The Black Lives Matter movement happened. People were trying to figure out how to survive in a pandemic. A lot of people lost their jobs. A lot of businesses were affected, not just Black-owned businesses, but Black-owned businesses were definitely hit. Small, Black-owned businesses in particular.”

“As an entrepreneur, as a Black woman, and as a Black business owner, I was able to to make it through covid, but it was difficult. And unfortunately, a lot of businesses weren’t able to do the same, so when Seagrams came up with this marketplace for Black-owned businesses, it was literally like they took it out of my head because it was really concerning to watch all these businesses fold and collapse,” Cynthia shared.

In addition to acknowledging the hardships of the pandemic, Cynthia said, “One of the great things that came out of 2020 was that a lot of entrepreneurs were born. When people lost jobs, people had to figure out how to feed their family. People started coming up with products and things they could, do, make or sell during that time.”

Cynthia said, “I really wanted to make it my mission to support small, Black-owned differences. So, to have the support of Seagram’s, giving a $10,000 grant each to three businesses, really was so special. I am grateful to be a part of it.”

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[Photo Courtesy of Seagram’s Escapes]