Shannon Beador

David Beador’s Wife Lesley Says Shannon Beador Lied About Sending A Baby Gift

Shannon Beador is taking hits from every direction lately. While Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Kelly Dodd seem to be vying for the “most contentious” label, don’t count Shannon out! She may not be making the most noise, but there is some low-key drama happening with this one. Even if it doesn’t make its way onto Real Housewives of Orange County.

Shannon and her now ex-husband, David Beador can’t seem to get their relationship back on track. And while we all keep waiting for that rumored “fun Shannon” to appear, David seems to be living his best life. I mean he’s still a cheating loser weirdo, and his new wife seems sort of thirsty, but isn’t that his kink? David announced the pregnancy of his then fiancé, Lesley Cook back in October. Since then, they have gotten married and she has changed her name to Lesley Beador.

It seems like only yesterday David was asking Shannon to drop his name. So rude. Yet despite the history of contention between Shannon and David, Us Weekly recently reported on some  friendly behavior between the two. Following the birth of David and Lesley’s new baby, Shannon says she sent the happy new parents a gift.

In the interview that was primarily about her journey to becoming a health coach Shannon claimed, “I sent a gift. I mean, I sent it with the kids [we share], so I don’t know [how David feels about it].”


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Meanwhile, Lesley responded to the article via Instagram story. A fan-tweet of the since expired image shows a phone screenshot of the article’s title. Next to the large title-font claiming Shannon sent a gift Lesley wrote “Another fake story. This didn’t happen.” In smaller font below she wrote “Please just let us be.” Since we’re asking for favors, I would ask that she please let us be and stop posting scary pictures of David. I’m about to cancel my subscription to eyeballs over here.

If I had to guess, Shannon did send a gift via her kids with David. I’m sure no one took the time to explain who picked it out or why, and the Beadors 2.0 didn’t understand it was from the ex. I’m also 99% sure that Shannon would only send something to be petty and make things awkward. Mission accomplished?


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