Ramona Singer Accidentally Leaked Bank Statement On Instagram

Real Housewives of New York OG Corona  Ramona Singer has a reputation for being cheap. She’s stolen lobsters from a Hamptons party, made her birthday party guests fundraise to buy her a Gucci bag and potentially stole a dress from Bethenny Frankel. 

However, thanks to her inability to use Instagram properly, we now have proof that if anyone should be footing the bill, it’s the Ramonacoaster.

The RHONY star “accidentally” posted a screenshot of her bank balance last week according to Page Six. While she quickly deleted the post (let’s be honest: Avery Singer probably handled it), quick-fingered fans captured a screenshot that gives us a glimpse of just how much she has in the bank.

The screenshots show that Ramona‘s balance was a whopping $367,483.70 on Feb. 22. Apparently unlike Gizelle Bryant‘s Everyhue Beauty, Simply Ageless By Ramona is doing pretty well.

While the large sum was enough to have us gasping, the individual transactions shown were even more telling.


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Ramona is getting her Cameo coin, as she received more than $250 from the celebrity greeting app. Based on her inability to use technology, we can only imagine what she’s recording herself saying when she’s getting paid for it. But apparently, people are buying — even at a whopping $125 per video. No wonder she’s stacking so much in the bank.

She also put almost $500 in her pocket from Amazon, likely from her skincare brand. There was another $7,500 from BEN Group Inc., a company that markets influencers. How else would Ramona be able to afford all of her maskless getaways to yachts in Florida during this pandemic if it weren’t for all the sponsored posts?


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The screenshot also showed that she withdrew a check for nearly $17,000. Whether that was for her bills or just one evening of Turtle Time with her 50 closest girlfriends, we’ll never know.

This wasn’t even the first time she accidentally posted a screenshot of her finances on the app. In January, she posted a screenshot of her calculator app that was meant for her accountant. It’s a bit fishy someone would “accidentally” post their money business on the app, but if anyone could accomplish that, it’s Ramona.


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While Ramona on TV is a downright mess, her Instagram stories are a train wreck that you can’t stop watching. On any given day, she’s posting a blurry video of her tablescapes. Or showing us how to make chicken with Herbs De Provence for the millionth time. Or hitting a virtual workout with Avery. Thankfully, based on her bank statement, she has a financial interest to keep entertaining us all for the foreseeable future.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]