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Karen Huger Puts Gizelle Bryant’s Makeup Brand EveryHue On Blast; Says “It Was Liquidated”

Gizelle Bryant might not have thrown any bows so far on Real Housewives of Potomac, but she has not emerged unscathed from this season. A lot of Gizelle’s storyline revolved around money laundering protecting her relationship with Jamal Bryant. You know, the ex-husband who cheated on her, fathered children with other women, and claims to be a man of God. This is the same guy Giz said she would never get back with who now apparently lives in her phone.

Because so much of the ladies’ time was devoted to taking sides between Monique “Don’t Ask Me Twice” Samuels and Candiace “I’m Not Asking For It But I’m Totally Asking For It” Bassett, other content was overlooked. Lest viewers forget, Gizelle is… a BUSINESSWOMAN. But is she though? Fans remember the birth of EveryHue Beauty in 2016 and not much since then. Now we might need to bid adieu to EveryHue. Friends, The Grand Dame has something to say.

If you try to come for Karen Huger, she is not going to rant and rave and act like a lunatic. She is going to calmly sit, wait for information to come to her, and then fire up the bus in which to run you over. So look both ways before you cross the street, Robyn Dixon. This season saw a divided cast, thanks to the physical altercation between Monique, Candiace, and one of Candiace’s weaves. Old friends Karen and Gizelle found themselves in opposite camps. Gizelle wanted Karen to hold Monique accountable for her actions and Karen wanted Gizelle to be accountable for well, anything.

Gizelle never shied away from going after Karen. She had thoughts about Karen’s new hair line. Gizelle previously had thoughts about Karen’s tax issues. Gizelle also may or may not have doubted Karen’s fragrance launch. To say Gizelle is free with her opinions is putting it nicely, until it comes back to haunt her. Recently, Karen found herself on The Wendy Williams Show and the library doors were wide open.


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According to Atlanta Black Star, Gizelle might want to check on her own business ventures. Karen said, “If Gizelle needs some help in understanding why or how to call a brand, tell her to call my people. You don’t have a makeup line and have it disappear without saying goodbye to your customers who’ve supported you. EveryHue is no longer available to any customer. It was liquidated.” NOT LIQUIDATED. It is time to pour one out for EveryHue. Now maybe Gizelle can concentrate on living in the revisualized Limited Too store she calls her house.

Remember when Robyn yanked Karen’s photo from her baseball cap (because EveryWoman is dying for a cap that looks like a toddler’s backpack) website? Karen thinks it was an ageist move and not particularly good for business. Yes, Karen has recommendations for Robyn too. “They don’t understand because they don’t have the wisdom that we mature women have. Now, Robyn is a hard 40, and lookin’ every day of it.” OUCH. If you’re keeping score at home, that is two casualties now under Karen’s bus.


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The dynamic between Karen and Gizelle has always been interesting. They can verbally spar with one another but I get the feeling if push came to shove (not literally), they would have each other’s back. For now it seems Karen is satisfied with dispensing business advice. Next season might find Gizelle going back to the entrepreneurial drawing board, because apparently EveryHue is NullAndVoid. Perhaps Pastor Jamal could gift her with a Pizza Hut franchise. Regardless of what comes next, Karen will serenely sit in her bus and wait.


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