Leaked Video Seemingly Shows Brandi Redmond’s Husband Bryan Redmond Kissing Another Woman In A Club

Brandi Redmond simply cannot find her way off the struggle bus. A little over a year ago she admitted herself to a wellness center following a very deserved call out for her racist impersonation of Asian people. Now she finds herself on a show with a pretty badass Chinese immigrant. In her first year as a Housewife, Tiffany Moon seems to have been single handedly charged with taking on the emotional struggle of  a woman to whom she owes less than nothing. Stephanie Hollman has even caught on to Brandi’s inability to stop burdening Tiffany.

Meanwhile, Brandi has cryptically announced a potential departure from Real Housewives of Dallas. This comes after she and Bryan Redmond’s announcement of baby #4. Maybe she’s taking time to be with her family? Or maybe she’s caught on to many fans’ disillusionment with her behavior this season? Or maybe there’s something to these blind items that keep circulating…

Back in July a blind was posted saying one of the Housewives in Dallas may be headed for divorce. Since then, the rumor mill has been working overtime. Brandi and Bryan seem to be right at the center of some troubling accusations. Even worse, video leaked today from the Instagram account @bravoandcocktails. The account seems to indicate the man shown is Bryan. The caption says “Don’t shoot the messages but the blind makes a lot of sense now….” Eeeeeeyikes.

I’d honestly give the clarity of this video a solid 8/10. I also have to agree, the man shown certainly LOOKS like Bryan. He’s even wearing one of his staple short sleeved polo shirts. The woman shown has a half sleeve tattoo on her right arm. Has anyone seen Brandi’s shoulders lately?? Methinks this is someone else entirely. The mystery date also appears to be brunette.


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The video shows “Bryan” (or his doppelgänger) grabbing the back of the woman’s head and kissing her! What’s worse than a (alleged) married man kissing another woman and getting caught on film? She honestly doesn’t even seem into it. Right after the smooch the woman takes out her phone to check it, sort of pulling away. Cringe.

It’s also noteworthy that the video is taken in what seems to be a busy night club. In a pandemic? I guess it is Texas. But at the same time, maybe this is an old clip? The plot thickens!


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Comments on the post said “OMG the baby rumors must be true damn Brandi” and “Wow! Oh poor Brandi!” Another person wrote, “Not shocked and think it’s no coincidence how much their adopted son looks like him.” Ouch.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]