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Real Housewives Of Dallas Recap: Just Another Medicine Monday

Things took the oddest turn on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. It’s like Brandi Redmond woke up and randomly decided to come for Tiffany Moon about EVERYTHING. It bordered on insanity. First, she thought Tiffany was insinuating she was giving the group random drugs. Why would Tiffany ever do that? There’s no basis to that at all. She’s a doctor, and she was commenting on the difference in the meds. That’s all.

Later at dinner, Brandi took things a step further. She actually said she doesn’t feel like she’s able to be herself around Tiffany. What does that even mean? Are you upset you can’t mock cultures in insensitive online videos? Please explain what else could be derived from that statement? This feels entirely out of thin air. Brandi’s digging the hole deeper and deeper for herself. Maybe she really will be gone for good after this Real Housewives of Dallas season.

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Tiffany asks what Brandi thinks about her, and she thinks Tiffany’s amazing. It’s great that she’s been open and honest at dinner, but this paranoia is too much. Tiffany was done and over the issue the first time they spoke. Anything after that is on Brandi.

It’s not Tiffany’s problem that Brandi is reminded by her past actions when she says her. She’s not the one who made the racist video. That lies solely on Brandi. Stop projecting. If you are feeling shame and guilt, work through it.

Kary Brittingham suggests the women bond by jumping together into the lake. There’s still lingering tension among the ladies. However, anything is better than sitting there and continuing to go in circles about dated drama.

Tiffany’s at her breaking point with the group. The second she jumped into the water everything changed. No matter what she does to fit in with everyone, it’s not good enough. Everyone’s confused about what’s going on because her exit into the house was so abrupt.


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D’Andra Simmons tells Brandi she didn’t really understand her issue at dinner because Tiffany wants to be her friend. Nobody understands it. How has Brandi not been herself around Tiffany? She’s been parading around with a giant blow up doll this entire trip? Stop reaching for a moment that Tiffany’s not going to give you.

Stephanie Hollman tries to talk to Tiffany inside, but Tiffany breezes past her with short responses. She can see that Tiffany’s crying in her room. Everyone starts piling into the room, but Tiffany doesn’t want to talk about it. She really is at a breaking point.

Tiffany keeps saying she doesn’t want to disappoint by not being fun enough. She’s way too much in her own head about that. Her own issues about not being fun are making her distanced from the group. If she would let go of her own insecurities long enough, she might fare better with these women.

Kameron Westcott says she’s been new to this group herself, and she knows how they challenge everyone. It’s a difficult group to fit in with. Brandi definitely contributed to the cause of Tiffany’s breakdown. However, some of the bigger issues are in her personal life. She’s trying to cut back at work, and she’s not usually away from her family this much. That’s a lot for one person to be dealing with at once.


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Tiffany cries to D’Andra about her whole life being about seeking external validation. She needs to be liked. She needs to be told she’s doing a good job. Tiffany’s entire life has been spent being drilled into her head that she needs to be the best at everything. It’s too much because a person can only take so much of that.

Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

The next morning, Kary asks D’Andra where Tiffany is. She left! She dipped out on the trip early that morning which confuses Kary. It definitely doesn’t help her standing in the group. F**k Brandi though. She piled bs onto Tiffany that made everything worse.

Tiffany’s back home after leaving the group earlier than expected. Removing herself from the toxic drama was what was best for her. She had to sneak away in order to get home to her family. Every night there was a different person coming at her. No matter what she did, someone was gunning for her.

Brandi thinks Tiffany struggled on the trip fitting in. IS THIS WOMAN SERIOUS? WOW. STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW GINGER SPICE. How would she be able to fit in when she’s constantly being attacked? She’s not perfect. Let’s say that now. However, these women are making it hard as hell for her to even have a fighting chance.


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Brandi also believes Tiffany is boring which is kind of rude. She’s entitled to her opinion, but not everyone gets off on poop humor like her and Stephanie. Some people age out of that after they turn 7. You don’t have to behave like a juvenile to be considered fun.

Tiffany’s family moved often when she was a child. As a result, she was ALWAYS the new kid. That has spilled over into her adult life with this group of girls. Perhaps talking about her feelings with them will help. If she opens up to the deepest part of her core, she can make some headway.

Brandi reads aloud a letter to herself that she wrote when she was in the mental health facility. She promised herself to learn and grow from her mistakes. I’m choosing to hold back what I really think about that letter. The timing of reading it felt a bit suspect. She just berated Tiffany for no reason, and she must’ve known she looked bad doing that. Reading an emotional letter about her feelings might take some heat off of her.

Stephanie Hollman Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kary & her daughter Olivia Sendra meet with Stephanie to talk about depression. Stephanie’s battled her own demons for years, so she might be able to help her. Hearing how dark things got for Olivia is so difficult. She was so close to taking her own life. So many of us have been there, and having a support system is key. I’m glad Kary was on point as a mother and helped her daughter get help.


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Stephanie goes into detail about her suicide attempt and how it changed her family. She tells Olivia she hopes if that happens again, she will get the help she needs. This conversation has so much power. So many people watching this episode are getting exposure to this, and it can change lives. It gives people hope that they can overcome their inner turmoil.

A MOMMA DEE SIMMONS SIGHTING! We love to see it. D’Andra fills her in about the drama at the end of the trip with Tiffany. Dee vehemently defends Tiffany because of how stressful her life is compared to the other women. She’s right because they don’t know what it’s like to be in that work environment of a hospital in a pandemic. However, everyone has stress in their own way, and it’s not a competition.

D’Andra’s hosting everyone for an event with her shaman which is going to be strange. Her mom thinks it’s weird, but as long as it helps! This event’s the first time everyone’s seeing Tiffany since she left the trip early. I wonder how that’s going to play out. Do we think Tiffany’s going to storm out early?

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

Not everyone has to wait to see Tiffany before the party. Kary has Tiffany over to her home as a way to reach out. That’s a really nice gesture actually. These two have struggled to connect all season, so any forward motion is progress.


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Kary asks Tiffany what went wrong after they jumped into the lake. Tiffany didn’t want to jump into the lake because it’s not at all like her to do that. At least Kary’s not defending Brandi. I thought for sure she’d find a way to come to her defense. Everyone knows these issues are not Tiffany’s to worry about. It’s on Brandi to figure her own s**t out.

To leave the trip without saying a word would rub anyone the wrong way. That’s not how you leave a great impression on anyone. If I was trying so hard to fit in with people, that’s not how I’d go about it.

Tiffany says part of the reason she left early was out of embarrassment. She didn’t want to talk about the night before on the bus home. It was easier for her to avoid it completely. She’s used to sweeping issues she has under the rug. With her mother, they don’t talk about feelings.

Kary wants to plan a birthday party for Tiffany! Who would’ve thought we’d have reached this point? These women were not clicking at all before now, but here we go! Suddenly this group is vibing more than ever. This is a good situation.


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D’Andra’s shaman event has me fascinated. I’m not sure what exactly they’re going to do at the event, but they all look fabulous. Nobody understands what is going on, but the shaman used to do Stephanie’s hair. It’s a weird transition to go from hairdresser to spiritual cleanser, but here we are. Let’s get that two for one special going!

Brandi’s mad at herself for not allowing Tiffany the opportunity to be herself. Of course, she instantly switches the subject to her letter. I want to believe she’s genuine. I want that more than anything. The timing of how she uses it though is highly suspect. So many excuses. I want her to leave Tiffany alone, and focus on herself.

Tiffany passes out candles to everyone as an apology for leaving the trip early. Before Tiffany can say more, Brandi asks to talk to her privately. How long is Brandi going to drag this out? SHE is making TIFFANY feel uncomfortable at this point.


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