Teresa Giudice Ditched Michelle Pais For Another Real Estate Agent

After watching the absolute chaos that ensued from Teresa Giudice’s rumor mill antics, Jennifer Aydin took a different approach with some delicate info in a recent episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Jennifer came directly to Melissa Gorga with some gossip she’d heard about her husband, Joe Gorga. She relayed a message from Michelle Pais, a real estate guru. Michelle claimed that Joe owed her husband, John Steingraber, “tens of thousands of dollars.” Of course, Melissa called her hubby ASAP. He told her none of it was true. Joe claimed he and John never had a contract when they had previously worked together at a public speaking event.

When the two couples came face to face in last week’s pool party episode, Joe took John aside pretty quick. The two seemed to hash it out within minutes. I was hoping for more. They parted ways as John said something to the effect of “now let my wife sell your sister’s house” to Joe. From there, viewers spent the rest of the episode watching Jennifer get wasted. 

Following the pool party, it seemed the listing for Teresa’s home was given to Michelle. The property was listed by Michelle for $2.5 million in September of 2020. Now, People is reporting the home has been relisted with another agent named Joshua Baris of N.J. Lux Real Estate. Not only that, the home was listed with a $250k discount! The New Jersey mansion that Tre built with her since deported husband, Joe Giudice, was listed for $2.25 million.


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Teresa’s new listing agent seems to mysteriously come to her through family ties/permissions. It’s been reported that Joshua recently sold the Gorga’s home as well! Wow! That’s twice now husband and wife Michelle and John have lost income thanks to the Gorgas! These two really need to figure out how to write up a contract. Or keep away from Melissa and Joe. Honestly, maybe they should try both.


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Michelle was reported to be filming with Teresa back in August. That’s right before the house was originally listed. Michelle also seems to be friends (or at least friendly) with Jennifer, who has defended Michelle’s comments about Joe very recently. It will be interesting to see if Michelle becomes a larger role on the show. I’m dying to know more about why and how this whole deal fell through!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]