Kathryn Dennis Complains About Lawyers; Says It’s Time To “Start Advocating For The People Who Get Manipulated By The Legal System”

The latest season of Southern Charm covered a variety of twists and turns. Many episodes followed the Southern BLM movement and cast-members getting publicly called out for racism. Fans also saw the cast navigate the very early days of the pandemic. On a more superficial note, there were a few love triangles to keep up with. The greatest shock of all? Perhaps seeing Thomas Ravenel sipping coffee with Kathryn Dennis in episode one. Personally, I was floored.

At the time, the two were living together. It still boggles the mind. Later, fans learned Thomas was also preparing to father his next child with a woman Kathryn had no awareness of. In more recent months, these two have had all their court proceedings aired out. And it hasn’t been pretty, especially for Kathryn who is up against possibly the slimiest creep we have ever seen on Bravo.

In December, court papers from Kathryn and Thomas‘ custody battle were released. In them, included accusations from Thomas that his son, St. Julien Rembert Ravenel was “formerly diagnosed with FAS due to Kathryn’s excessive drug and alcohol consumption while he was in utero.” These documents are from 2019. More recently, news broke that Thomas was awarded primary custody of both children he has with Kathryn. This came after even more drug accusations were thrust Kathryn’s way.

In the more recent testimony Thomas asserts that Kathryn had left cocaine out somewhere that was accessible to the children. Further, he claims he hired someone to surveil Kathryn. Thomas claims this person saw Kathryn leave the kids unsupervised “on multiple occasions” and that once they were “seen alone in front of the house.” Kathryn continues to claim she does not use cocaine. She also explained that the day her kids were seen out front was because her parent was babysitting, but had fallen asleep. She asserts she no longer has that parent babysit her children. Long story short, it’s a he-said she-said shit show.


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Recently, Kathryn tweeted about her litigation woes. Her first tweet read, “I need to scream this so I’m going on Twitter, it’s a shame what some lawyers are willing to do. Can anyone relate?” Many followers replied with their own stories on unfair treatment by the legal system. One said, “I’m so sorry for you and your babies. It is really awful that money means more to even those who take an oath.”

Kathryn also tweeted, “It’s time to start advocating for the people who get manipulated by the legal system.” She then added, “And against those who use the legal system to manipulate.”


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It’s actually not clear who or what Kathryn is referring to in these. She has also had legal issues outside of her custody battle with Thomas. Kathryn hired an image consultant in November of 2019, prior to season 7 filming. In June of 2020 she was sued by the new consultant for dodging bills. Not a great way to start off on a new foot publicly!

Kathryn is not the first Bravo-leb to have her custody battles and drug use aired all the way out. She is, perhaps, the only one to be facing someone in court who is convicted on federal cocaine charges and who has pled guilty to sexual assault. What a mess.


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