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Joe Giudice Reveals He’s Been Struggling With Depression Since His Legal Troubles Began

It’s coming up on a decade since news of former Real Housewives of New Jersey House-husband Joe Giudice’s federal legal trouble broke. It’s been 11 years since his public arrest for driving while drunk. Shockingly, it’s already been nine years since he was indicted on fake ID charges. Then there was the fraud. It sure has been a long and steady downward spiral for he and his wife, Teresa Giudice.

Since her time at campTre has been grinding her way back to the top. Joe on the other hand, has found himself deported to a country he has never considered “home”. Sure, he has a new girlfriend, a sex toy line, and a few shows in the works, but I’m sure he is missing Jersey. Especially his four daughters we all know he deeply loves.

Certainly no one is surprised to learn that Joe’s mental health has taken a dive throughout the course of the last many years. CelebBuzz reported on a statement from Joe which said,  “I have been suffering from depression since everything that has happened to me.” I mean, I’m not totally sure all of this happened “to” him and not “because of him.”  Either way, I can still understand the major impact jail time and deportation made on the guy. 

Joe’s comments were mostly about getting to reunite with his daughters on a recent vacation in the Bahamas. Something Tre boasted on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live. Joe said, “It’s been a lot to deal with the past few years. Going away, having to leave the country (and more importantly my daughters), my marriage of over 20 years ending.. And then the coronavirus on top of it which separated me from my daughters for so long. I am so thrilled to be reunited with my girls right now and really needed them.”


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Joe also showed some growth in an admission of being incorrect for once. He added, “I thought I was wrong but I really can’t do this thing called life without them.” He continued, “My depression has been taking over and seeing them has really helped to reground me and start to heal all of the trauma and pain I have been dealing with.”

Joe also added that, though he often seems to be doing fine, you can’t always judge a book by its cover. But what about if the cover of the book is calling it’s wife a C you next Tuesday? Or committing white collar crime?


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