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Hannah Ferrier Says Captain Sandy Yawn Was Competitive And Wanted Her Gone From Below Deck Mediterranean From The Beginning; Captain Sandy Says She’s A Real Captain And Hannah Was Just There For The Camera

Hannah Ferrier and Captain Sandy Yawn are STILL TALKING about Hannah’s premature departure from Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5.  Then they have to RESPOND to the others’ comments to whichever interviewer has them rehashing the past.  The problem is, neither will budge on their position.  So we get the same defensive statements over and over.

This time though, Sandy’s snarky responses managed to turn another Below Deck alum against her.  Perhaps all the interior crew of coastal Europe should take offense to what Sandy really thinks of their work, because it’s hardly a comment that uplifts other women.

It all started with Hannah’s guest appearance on the Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister podcast.  Hannah reiterated her belief that Sandy was looking for any excuse to fire her.  Hannah believes Sandy saw the discovery of her prescription valium and CBD pen as, “her get out of jail free card.”

While Sandy joined the show in Season 2, Hannah is the OG chief stew.  Hannah compared working with Captain Mark Howard versus Sandy.  She noted a shift in the work dynamic onboard after Sandy took over.

“I feel like Sandy and I have never really seen eye to eye,” Hannah opined.

“She’s wanted me out since day one,” Hannah said and described one of the first scenes they filmed together.  Spoiler alert: Sandy was micromanaging over food.

“She actually started talking to me about it in the first scene we’ve ever shot together and said, ‘you know, you didn’t pronounce the dish properly’,” Hannah explained, “and I was like yeah, because on yachts normally you get the menu three hours before so you can remember the dishes, but if someone can’t do that for me and they’re only telling it to me as I’m like picking the dishes up to serve them, of course I’m going to be making a mistake, you know.”


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Sandy responded to Showbiz Cheat Sheet about Hannah’s allegations that she was against her since they met.

“That’s not true,” Sandy said, “I’m a real captain and I expect a level of service. Hannah was there for the camera. I was there as a captain. Two different things. I actually care about yachting. And I care about my job.”

Then there was Hannah’s description of a perceived power struggle between herself and Sandy.

“There was some weird competitive thing she had going on with me,” Hannah told Melissa Pfeister, “which was kind of silly because it’s not two positions that should be competing. But I don’t think we were competing like on our work positions. I think she was competitive with me on the TV side of things.”

This is where Sandy drew a lot of criticism.  It’s a pithy response that exposes her lack of appreciation for what the interior team does during charter.


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“There’s no competition with Hannah. I’m a captain and she waits tables,” Sandy said, “there’s no equal there professionally.”

Sandy digs in to question why Hannah is still so bitter.  She said, “I think that’s the part that I think really disturbs her, is her ego. It’s sad. I feel for her, this girl still hanging onto that sh*t I haven’t thought about until you asked me about it.”

“It’s really sad,” Sandy opined, “she’s starting a family like I don’t get it. So sad for her. I don’t hate her. I don’t hate Hannah and never have. I wish her well.”

Sandy may wish Hannah well, but that last comment about waiting tables did not evoke good feelings from her or Adrienne Gang, who took to social media to respond.

The original chief stew from Below Deck tweeted, “at this point I’m not shocked by Sandy saying dumb shit that insults her subordinates. What does surprise me is Bravo TV giving her praise as an empowered woman after she says asinine shit like this and all out tears other women down.”


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And in a statement directed to Sandy, Adrienne wrote, “can you please explain to the class why you chose to belittle, demean, and insult all of the hard-working stews in our industry that do this challenging and multi-faceted job?”

If Sandy thought a chief stew simply waited tables, why would she hold Hannah to such a high standard?  Surely she could grab anyone off the streets of Majorca to run her interior.

Understandably, Hannah also felt the need to respond on social media.  “Imagine being a captain and then insulting and bringing down half of the yachting community (mostly the woman) while continuing to pretend you empower woman,” she tweeted, “at least she FINALLY vocalised how she feels about people who work on the interior…”

Oh, but Hannah’s not done yet.

Bravo By Betches shared a screenshot of Hannah’s pithy comment.  “There are over 10,000 superyachts in the world.  If anyone claims they aren’t there for cameras, they lying,” Hannah wrote.

This conflict clearly won’t end so if you miss Hannah on Below Deck Mediterranean, it’s comforting to know she will always be on board in spirit.


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