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Captain Lee Rosbach Weighs In On Captain Sandy Yawn’s Decision To Fire Hannah Ferrier From Below Deck Mediterranean

If you ask anyone about the current season of Below Deck Mediterranean, chances are they will lower their head in despair and talk about what we should have gotten versus what we received. It was a train wreck in every sense and Hannah Ferrier lost her job as a result. On the bright side, Hannah is moments away from giving birth to her first daughter and has the Below Deck Med drama in her rearview.

Captain Sandy Yawn plays favorites. This is more of a fact than an assumption. After labeling bosun Malia White as gay her “pride and joy”, Sandy bent over backwards in an effort to accommodate Malia’s every whim. What Sandy did not do is accommodate Hannah’s anxiety medication. After failing to clear the meds with her captain, Hannah was relieved of her duties. Now Captain Lee Rosbach weighs in on Sandy’s decision and what he did when faced with a similar situation.

Captain Lee has been there and done that. Probably more times than he cares to count. A new season of Below Deck is preparing to air, and it will bring both new and familiar faces. Captain Lee showed up on Watch What Happens Live and gave his two cents on how Captain Sandy handled Hannah’s exit.

Fans who feel let down by Below Deck Med aren’t alone. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Hannah and her Valium. Under the guise of being career-oriented, Malia felt the need to go through Hannah’s personal belongings and then text a photo of what she found to Sandy. I suppose Malia was also being career-oriented when she spent the last half of charter season in the galley, picking cucumbers off the floor when her boyfriend would have a meltdown. Captain Lee experienced a comparable scene when a former crew member was called out by their Chief Stew.


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People has the details. Below Deck alum Kat Held also suffered from anxiety. If you weren’t already aware, anxiety issues plague approximately 40 million people. Many of these people are able to function with no adverse effects when treated with proper medication. After Kat displayed some curious behavior, she had to explain her situation to Captain Lee.

“With Kat, it was pretty simple. She said she was prescribed the meds and I said, ‘Show me the prescription, that’s what I want to see,'” Lee said. “If it’s legally prescribed meds by a licensed physician, we are not doctors as captains. God forbid we should deny somebody their prescriptions meds and something bad should happen. It would really get ugly.” See how simple that was? There was no following Kat to the bathroom. There was no public humiliation.


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Hannah takes responsibility for not advising Captain Sandy of the Valium and CBD pen (which is legal in Spain), but she claims she wasn’t specifically trying to hide the meds. While many agree Sandy’s hands were tied as far as Hannah retaining her position, the way it went down was degrading. Even viewers who never really enjoyed Hannah found themselves coming to her defense. Sandy has previously stated her one regret was not having a proper conversation with the former chief stew. But I guess that would have been uncomfortable in the closet of the bathroom Hannah was cornered in.

It remains to be seen how fans will react if Captain Sandy or Malia are brought back next season. Hannah is about to take on the toughest job she will ever have. Captain Lee and his gold necklace will come back to us weekly on Below Deck, beginning in November. Hopefully we will get exhausting guests and wacky crew, and leave compromising someone’s mental health at the bottom of the ocean where it belongs.


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