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Kary Brittingham Shares Photos From The Club And On Plane Without Face Mask Following Coronavirus Diagnosis

Soon after the Real Housewives of Dallas cast filmed the Season 5 reunion in New York City, rumors swirled that Kary Brittingham had to shoot her portion virtually. When she got to the Big Apple and took her coronavirus test, she was positive. To make matters worse, she was reportedly sitting on the plane with Brandi Redmond, who apparently had her newborn daughter with her as well.

As a result, they both appeared virtually. Brandi previously had coronavirus, but it’s unclear if she tested positive again this time around. I was really looking forward to/hoping someone would try to force Brandi to sit in a folding chair like she did to LeeAnne Locken last season. Oh well. Kary confirmed that she did indeed have covid and that she stayed in her New York hotel room post-filming on her podcast Kam and Kary Do Dallas, which she hosts with Kameron Westcott. After that, her social media activity was rather questionable.

A Real Housewives of Dallas fan shared two screenshots from Kary’s recent Instagram Stories. In one, she’s on a plane, happily heading back to Dallas, without a face mask. Maybe she took it off to record the video, but it’s really not a great look. Sure, we need to take the masks off to eat and drink, but to inform people that you’re flying via social media? That’s far from vital.

Additionally, Kary shared a video from a crowded club. Oh, Kary. As you would say, “that’s a situation.”  And the Real Housewives fans were disappointed as well.


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In response to those screenshots, one person tweeted, “I’m going to say this harsh reality: ALL housewives have been a disgrace when it comes to COVID precautions. I have yet to see one housewife take COVID seriously. The way they flaunt their irresponsibility is abhorrent, absolutely abhorrent.” To be fair, this can’t be applied to every Housewife, but it sure seems like there are a lot of them that don’t seem to be taking this seriously.

Another said Kary’s behavior is “disgraceful to say the very least.” Someone else remarked, “There seems to be no end to her ignorance. I’m sure the first thing she did was order Tequila.”

A different social media user posted, “There’s no excuse for that amid a pandemic. Even when you have a negative test it can be false. Especially after you just tested positive. This is a disgrace.”
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