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Kary Brittingham Regrets Behavior On Real Housewives Of Dallas; Thinks Tiffany Moon Never Wanted To Be Her Friend Even Though She Reached Out

If you watched last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Dallas, you already know Kary Brittingham truly should regret her behavior this season. You don’t get to treat people like garbage and then cry because people think you’re a bully. Kary has dominated filming this time around and if she’s trying to turn fans against her, she has just leveled up.

Lots of polarizing things are happening on RHOD right now. Poor Brandi Redmond felt victimized after she made an ignorant and tone deaf video. Now she seemingly blames Tiffany Moon for being Asian and making her feel uncomfortable in a casual setting. Tiffany, how could you? Speaking of Tiffany, Kary found herself having issues with Tiff as well. Why is that, you ask? Because Tiffany prefers not to be treated like an asshole or forced into peer pressure by a 50-year-old woman. Now Kary speaks on her regrets this season and says Tiffany never wanted to be her buddy in the first place. SURE, JAN.

Kary’s 50th birthday celebration went on way too long and played out over several episodes. There was a literal shit ton of tequila driving the festivities, and things got messy. Even without the benefit of hard alcohol, Kary managed to find something wrong with basically everything and did not hesitate to call it out. Repeatedly.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kary discussed her antics and friendships within the group – specifically with Tiffany. Kary seemed almost determined to be seen as the fun party girl, but it got to a point where viewers were over it. It was cool to have a good time, but only if the good time was on Kary’s terms. Kary said she has now learned people have varying definitions of “fun” and you don’t necessarily have to be wasted on the regular. Also, boundaries are a thing.


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Kary shared, “I definitely regret a few things I did this season.” Just a few? “I think every season is a big learning experience. You really look at yourself and want to grow and become a better person. … [and] I’m not going to be pushing anybody into bodies of water,” she added. Kary says she’s “disappointed that reliving those not-so-fun moments of ‘fun’ undid the work she and Tiffany put into their relationship”. Then Kary suggests she and Tiffany were never destined for friendship. Might be because Tiffany has boundaries, knows what respect is, and has little desire to look like a fool on television.

“I just feel like she really didn’t ever want it, to be my friend, and it makes me very sad,” Kary bemoaned. “I wanted to be her friend. So, that whole experience with Tiffany has really been very disappointing.” Let’s review. Kary basically treated Tiffany like a desperate freshman pledging Alpha Drunka Agave, but it’s Tiffany’s fault for not being a good time girl, sorry, gurrrrrrrl. Kary added, “I kept trying to be her friend and reaching out to her.” Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the peak of deflection.


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Kary continued, “I was really trying so hard, since I found that she [Tiffany] was going to join, to make her welcome and part of the group. So, whenever I started watching the season this year, I was really disappointed, because I did call her and apologize for throwing her to the pool. And then I asked her, ‘Hey, girl, do you think, like, I’m a bully? I’m sorry,’ she goes, ‘No, girl. I never thought that.’ So, whenever I saw her calling me a bully on TV and doing all these things behind my back, I did feel a little bit betrayed, kind of like, hey, I’ve given you many opportunities to talk to me and tell me.” Okay you guys, who wants to tell her?

Kary’s wittle hurt feewings forced her to call Tiffany a snake on social media, which sparked a nasty exchange. The Tiffany-bashing continued, “She’s [Tiffany’s] never made an effort with me,” Kary claims. “I know she’s made an effort with [Stephanie Hollman] and [Kameron Westcott] off-season a lot. She’s texted them and really tried to be their friend, and she’s never done that to me.” Maybe Tiffany didn’t feel like being insulted and plied with alcohol she didn’t want in the first place?


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Is Kary misunderstood? Should Tiffany reconsider her friendship with Kary? Or should some of the RHOD cast take a good look in the mirror and learn the difference between REflection and DEflection?


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