Brandi Glanville Feels Like A “Less Famous” Khloe Kardashian Because People Make Fun Of Her Looks

Brandi Glanville played a major part in the drama during Season 10 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She claimed that she hooked up with Denise Richards. Brandi spilled the tea to her bestie, Kim Richards.

Brandi later claimed that it was Kim’s fault that Brandi told Kim’s sister, Kyle Richards, and Teddi Mellencamp about the alleged hookup.  The entire season focused on this gossip, and most of the cast slammed Denise. Denise denied the rumors and announced that she was leaving RHOBH in September of 2020. Brandi still wants closure with Denise. Good luck with that, Brandi.

When she’s not sharing her thoughts on social media, Brandi is looking for a paycheck. She asked Andy Cohen for a host position on Bravo’s Chat Room. She even had her son beg Andy for her RHOBH job back.

Now Brandi is taking on the haters who have been criticizing her appearance. Brandi told Entertainment Tonight, “I was super depressed and I kind of went offline, I didn’t do any video chats, I didn’t do anything.” The RHOBH alum continued, “And then when I finally did an interview in Australia, other people picked it up and were like, ‘Brandi looks completely different. She looks crazy!’ They were so mean.”

Brandi’s appearance was pulled apart by the press, with articles speculating about what cosmetic procedures she had done. She felt she had no choice but to share that she had a medical accident which resulted in scars and burns on her face. Brandi posted the disturbing photos on Twitter.


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She explained, “I didn’t plan on sharing those pictures, because obviously they’re disgusting. I feel like Khloe Kardashian in a less famous way, because people for the past 10 years have been picking on everything about the way I look, everything,” Brandi said. “‘She’s plastic. She’s this, too much filler, too much Botox…’ Whatever it is like, ‘She’s so fake!'”

After an unauthorized photo of Khloe recently appeared online,  she tried to have it taken down. Khloe spoke out against appearance and body shaming. Brandi discussed her own situation. “Here’s my real struggle. I have burns all over my face and I’m going to have to deal with that scarring for the rest of my life. And please don’t kick me when I’m down.”

So, what exactly happened to Brandi? “I have psoriasis and during the pandemic it was all over my face, and I’d never had it on my face before and I was covered in it,” Brandi shared. “And so my dermatologist prescribed this light therapy.” Brandi accidentally left the high-intensity rays from the light on her face for 17 minutes, instead of 17 seconds. Yikes! That sounds painful.


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Brandi remarked, “Who goes after someone for the way they look? And it’s just like, even if I did get a bunch of plastic surgery — which I will one day — why is anyone else commenting on it?” Brandi said. The author admitted, “I’ve gained 20 pounds during COVID. I’m 10 years older. I’m not 35 years old anymore. A lot of [the Housewives] look better than they did 10 years ago.”

The former RHOBH star added, “I’m like, ‘Geez, wow. I need to start doing something.’ But we change, and it’s part of it,” Brandi stated. “It’s life. Like, come on people.”


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