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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 11 Finale Recap: Trick Or Treat Your Wife With Some Respect

This is it! The best pandemic Housewives season so far is finally over! How did we get here so quickly? The Real Housewives of New Jersey are ending their season with one epic Halloween party. It’s supposed to be a birthday party for Margaret Josephs‘ husband Joe Benigno. However, all that really matters is the costumes and the juicy drama that will come out of it. There is a lot brewing with this group of women (and their men) right now.

Things are rocky to say the least between Melissa & Joe Gorga right now. They’re struggling more as a couple than we’ve ever seen them do before. They’re often accused of faking their storylines, but this feels different. This feels like there could actually be some trouble between these two. Melissa isn’t the same woman Joe married, and he can’t handle it. Once Margaret FINALLY calls him a chauvinistic pig to his face, all bets are off.

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

HELL YES. IT IS FINALLY HAPPENED. Teresa Giudice’s new boyfriend Louis Ruelas has made his long awaited first appearance on the show. Teresa’s never looked so happy. I hope this is the one for her. She deserves it after what seemed like the worst marriage ever with Joe Giudice.

Teresa’s giddy over Louis because he treats her the way she deserves to be treated. He’s the opposite of Joe in every single way. Love doesn’t have to be hard and messy which Teresa’s finally finding out.

The way Louis speaks about her is like every woman’s dream. He makes her feel special with everything he says. He understands who she is at her core, and that’s not always easy to find. WE LOVE LOVE.

Margaret’s working like crazy to get things in order for Joe’s birthday bash. What sucks is Joe has to put in so much work to make his own party happen. Can he ever catch a break? I hate how sometimes he comes across simply as Margaret’s lapdog. Sigh.

Things are still tense between Joe & Melissa after their fight on last week’s episode. I hate how Joe faults Melissa for putting time and effort into her brand. Why does she have to give up her lifestyle?

Joe’s real issue isn’t that Melissa is doing more work, it’s that she’s doing it without him. I think when they got married he was the only one who had a large ego. However, now they’re both on this conflict back and forth with no end in sight. Neither wants to give a little. It’s sad, but I feel like this is a marriage that will ultimately end in divorce.

Jennifer Aydin Real Housewives Of New Jersey

It’s Bill Aydin & Jennifer Aydin’s anniversary, and all of the kids are celebrating with them. This family needs their own spin-off. I honestly would love to see what goes in on that household on a daily basis. These kids have SO MUCH personality. I need them all to have confessionals and speak their truths.

Bill presents a present to Jennifer, and it’s extravagant! Mamma has a brand new ring that probably costs more than most people’s homes. Jennifer can’t believe her eyes. This yellow diamond is the most gorgeous piece of jewelry I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

Jennifer’s thankful for everything that she has which is something people don’t realize like her. Margaret goes around saying her husband is her meal ticket, but Jennifer seems very in love. She cherishes this man, and I’m sure she does more for the family than any of us ever realize.

Dolores and Frank Catania have the most unique dynamic across Housewives. When they were married, her entire world revolved around her man. Once they split, she had to learn EVERYTHING. She never has to answer to anyone now that she’s independent from Frank.

Dolores‘ is in a position where she doesn’t need David Principe to survive. The other women keep running their mouths about her relationship, and she’s over it. She isn’t some broken shell of herself like Joe tried to make her believe. He was so out of line for that comment. Everyone needs to take a step back, and stay out of her personal life.

Margaret Josephs Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Teresa gathers her daughters to help her make apple pie. In the midst of that, Joe texts Teresa, but she isn’t speaking to him. After Joe went to the press about his new girlfriend, she’s been pissed off. I don’t know why it matters because she has her own new significant other.

Teresa’s not ready yet to go public with her man. After everything her family’s been through, she needs her kids to be on board. That won’t upset them. They just want to see their mother happy and with someone who loves them.

In reality, it’s Teresa who is more scared to go public about this. It’s a huge step for her, and she might not be ready for it yet. There’s no rush. She should go at her own pace, and do whatever makes her comfortable.

I can already tell these Halloween costumes are going to be iconic. Jersey goes ALL OUT when they need to. Margaret as Morticia Addams is everything I never realized I needed. GIVE ME ALL OF THAT. Cousin It would be so proud.

Melissa wants to have fun at the party, and she doesn’t want to fight with Joe. He thinks she’s the one who starts in one him and joins friends like Margaret in calling him a chauvinist. He’s so triggered by it because that’s what he is! That’s how he portrays himself to the outside world. If he doesn’t like being called that, he needs to do some major introspective work and change.

Dolores Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey


Margaret doesn’t want to give Joe a pass this time for his behavior. He gets away with saying offensive s**t about women all of the time, and nobody calls him on it. Good for Margaret!

Teresa shows up, and Margaret immediately wants to know why her new man isn’t there. She makes so many comments about it all the time. Why is she so into this? Stop acting like a s**t friend.

Jennifer’s already wasted and dropping things all over. She really should cut back on the tequila because she cannot handle it. She shows up to these events and acts like it’s a college frat party. Control yourself honey.

Margaret chooses to ignore Jennifer’s drunken antics and gives a speech about her love for Joe. Even though people make cracks about their relationship, there is a deep sense of love there. I AM FEELING MUSHY TONIGHT FOLKS.

Joe is seething watching the speech because of everything Margaret’s said about him. Saying repeatedly that Joe’s chauvinistic isn’t sitting well with him. He walks over to her after the speech, and she says everything to his face. It is what it is, and he needs to look at himself deeper.

Dolores tells Teresa to ignore everyone who wants to know things about her relationship. FACTS. Keep them out of it because none of them have good intentions with relationships.

Margaret explains to Joe how people change, and how outdated his values are. She feels like Joe’s holding Melissa back. Melissa walks over, and she’s sweating because of all of this. She doesn’t want anyone battling over all of this, but some things need to be said. This has been such a long time coming. No more giving him a pass to be disrespectful.

Melissa Gorga Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Bill tries to tell Joe how he’s wrong, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Bill’s speaking truth about this. WHY CAN’T JOE JUST LISTEN?

Melissa starts screaming at the group for what they’re saying about Joe. Yes, she’s dealing with a lot of s**t in her life right now. That’s true. However, that doesn’t give Joe a free pass to say whatever he wants to the other women.

Joe’s sick of being accused of being accused of holding Melissa back. All he wants is to be included on a higher level. He wants to grow together. Melissa begs all of the women to stop talking about their marriage and let her handle it. She did her best to shut this down which makes me actually think this is real.

Dolores was making some very valid points when speaking to Melissa. Would Melissa like it if Dolores made a poll about her marriage to Joe right now? Things aren’t going well, and many women in the group have opinions of their marriage.

Melissa isn’t about the “keep your man happy” type of relationship anymore. She wants to live a happy and fulfilled life, and she sees Joe fighting so hard against it. The future of their marriage is so uncertain after all of this. The more she builds her brand, the more distance grows between the two of them. Time will tell.


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